All the files from my business of 8 years have been corrupted

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  • adamah

    BTW, paying $300 is no guarantee that your nightmare is over, since the Cryptolock virus can reinfect your PC if there's others hidden on your system.

    Speaking of back-ups, be sure to religiously follow Leo Leporte's "3/2/1" rule, to at least stand a change of getting your files back (without having to pay an annual or semi-annual extortion tax to Cryptolock virus scammers):

    I'd even go beyond Leo's recommendation, if I were you, since that's for situations where no known compromise risk exists. You are dealing with a KNOWN compromise, so I'd say stagger time periods of back-ups (semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily), using a "clean" system verify, etc, since Leo's recommendations are the bare minimum you should have been doing before.


  • cofty

    Once you have your files back it's not difficult to get a free programme from sophos to destroy the virus.

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