ICE COLD BEER..bottles,cans or on tap

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    I`m sitting here in front of the computer with a nice cold bottle of Molson Canadian beer.I don`t drink canned beer unless I`m camping deep in the forest.Its easyer to pack,and cans dont explode(bottles will)if your going up a rough mountain road.I prefer my beer stored in a bottle,I think the taste is a lot crisper.So how do you prefer your favorite beer?Bottles,cans or on tap served in a frosty mug.....OUTLAW

  • WildTurkey

    Im with you Outlaw, I like me beer from a bottle.

  • Valis

    Hmmm several different scenarios....

    In a bar: Definitely on tap

    Camping: In a can, easier to pack in and pack out...weighs much less afterwards for some reason...

    At home: In a can, easier to recycle

    When I'm fishing: Any way I can drink it, cold, hot, lukewarm, cowboy cold, free, cheap, et al...

    When I'm broke I call on Dr. Suess:

    I drink I think
    From The Sink
    Or in a shoe
    That will do
    As I have no money
    And any free beer my dear
    Tastes not funny
    But more like honey...


    District Overbeer

  • AvailableLight

    On tap as much as possible.

    Mmmmm... I could go for an ice cold Bass on draft right about now.

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango


    let me dream inside you

  • b_ster

    On tap or bottles.. :)

    mmmMMMMMMM Canadian.....

  • peaceloveharmony

    on tap or bottles for me please :)

    as for camping, my friends and i just bring along a keg or two. works perfect!

  • ring

    Beer from a bottle goes down so much smoother....

  • somebody

    bottles, but I'm cheap, so I'm content with cans.

  • rekless

    Since I have gout, I must sip Brandy.

    In my beer drinking days, Botteled and buried in ice.

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