It's all an act

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  • stillin

    That is what the local elder told me when I said that I didn't feel qualified to have a certain service meeting part because I felt less than exemplary in that particular area. My conscience bothered me to tell others to do better when I wasn't so great myself.

    that elder is now a KMS instructor/DO. Go figure.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    What did he want you to do, be in a skit? So what did you tell him? Is he the type of person that would be a cynic?

  • stillin

    Yes, a skit. But it shocked me to hear him say that, like it didn't really matter what the facts are, just ACT the part and that's good enough. I wonder if he is still acting now that he is way up the corporate ladder

  • suavojr

    Some JW's figure that out and they keep up with the act because it is convinient

  • rebel8

    Yes, well they had me on the assembly part and told me to lie about wanting to pioneer instead of college. I had a thread about it yrs ago. I feel badly.

    IIRC I only made my time once during the whole charade of being a pioneer.

    Those "experiences" are crap.

  • Ding

    It's one thing to be an actor in one of those encounter-at-the-door vignettes at the KH that everyone knows is nothing but a skit.

    It's quite another to stand up at an assembly or anywhere else and give a phony testimony that people think is real.

  • anonymouz

    It's like a fractal. The Governing Body, which itself is an inserted non-biblical "body" of secular origin, is also an act. Thus Bethel is the produced state of the central act, the congregational sideshows are also acts, the actors in that play are acting, and most of the JW expectations of a premature end are supported by the various Bethel fictions purposely retained for the final act - all scripted from GB inception of the main cast of characters.

    When Bethel goes down in the JW self fulfilling prophecy, covered up by handy misapplied theology, that will be real.

    In the meantime, the show must go on...

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