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  • cofty

    Could you pop in occasionally to send me insulting PMs please? I would miss those.

  • blondie

    If there is some danger to you villagegirl, Simon can make some adjustments, just know that it puts a crink in the whole DB.

    Stop posting and send a PM to simon.

  • caliber


    Wow. VillageGirl - what happened??

    I've enjoyed your posts and hope things are OK with you.

    Blondie If there is some danger to you villagegirl, Simon can make some adjustments, just know that it puts a crink in the whole DB.

    These two women show measure of compassion rather than allowing someone else's suffering & fears to become a source for amusement.

    Bless you Blondie I have shed many tears reading about your unthinking sufferings at the hands of your own family members.. yet

    your outstanding dignity and compassion does not allow you to pass on these hurts in a mocking or belittling way.

    Who has more proof or facts than Blondie ? yet choses to use these with "gentle persuasion" are a most beautiful spirit

    Ones like these , are the ones I truly admire !!!!!!

    The greatest truth to learn is love

  • LisaRose

    I am sorry you are leaving. I think the board is better when we have a variety of view points and beliefs, there is no one size fits all when it comes to the ex JW community. As a JW you were probably used to being with others who thought and believed as you did, so it can be hard to be around those who believe something entirely different, and who challenge your beliefs. I do believe they have good intentions, but sometimes they can be a bit rough. Try not to take it personally, as I am sure it was not intended to be.

    But do what you think best, if you need to be around those who are more supportive of you in your spiritual path, then do so. There are other ex JW boards for those who are looking more for support and help, please try one of them, they are not all the same. Please check back in from time to time and let us know how you are doing. Think about what you have read here, even if you don't believe it now, perhaps you may change as you get further away from the thinking you had as a JW.

    I wouldn't worry too much about your previous posts, as soon as you stop posting, they will disappear into the mass of data that is the internet. They can still be found if someone is looking and does a detailed enough search and has your screen identity, but the chances of that are probably pretty slim. I have asked about getting some of my biographical information deleted, as it is old and inaccurate, and I was worried I put to much personal info, and I really, really, hate my avatar (I have Gravatar, it didn't work here), but it was not done, so just keep asking about that if it is important to you.

    Take care

  • free2beme

    What a drama queen ... geesh! What, did you think you could come in a post and message and just erase it with no evidence? We got you now, we own your ass... now get up against the wall.

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