Where you the door knocker encourager in your congregation?

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  • jam

    To be honest I figured until I received some pleasure, enjoyment

    in waking people up on their day off, there was no way I was going

    to pressure anyone else to do the same. Of course you encourage folks

    from the platform but one on one, no. I remember a visit to an elderly

    sister and the brother (elder) encouraging the sister to go out in service.

    She walked with a cane or you serious.

    The only time I felt good about field service was when it was over. LOL

  • Bob_NC

    I had to encourage door knocking, but I learned to temper it it with some common sense. I would say...if the house is quiet and the newspaper is in the driveway, what do you think?

    During my later field service years, I thought Saturday morning service was the most ridiculous, annoying to people, waste of time to be out. Later years = 1980 and forward.

  • likeabird

    The only time I felt good about field service was when it was over.

    Spot on!

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    The only time I felt good about field service was when it was over.

    Agreed - and the bloody same for assemblies, too!


  • Stand for Pure Worship
    Stand for Pure Worship

    If it weren't a lifesaving work, I'd probably not participate in the door to door ministry either. It's not the most enjoyable thing, that is disturbing our neighbors, but we mean no harm. Besides, if finding one lost sheep means disturbing the same neighborhood repeatedly for years, well then it was worth the effort.

  • ShirleyW

    SPW - You sound like a faithful servant of Jehovah, so what the Hell or you doing here, as you mentioned previously you can't count time for this so what;s your purpose? You always avoid answering the question beause that's what you JWs think you're good at, but we can see right thru you.

    (BTW I still think SPW is MIz after he took 5,000 volts to head)

  • clarity

    At first I had the "zeal" ( ) & was quite thrilled with thinking

    I was helping the poor people .... omg that soon wore off!


    One awful thing happened that really had me scratching my head,

    as I was told we had J's protection, a 'sister' in the group was

    taking an older lady to the doors ....& the older one fell on icy steps!


    She broke her hip ...never recovered & died about 6 mths later


    Nice huh!


  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill


    If it is a lifesaving work, then they ought to start using more effective warning methods than door knocking. A few pointers could be taken from the emergency services around here, from the way in which the recent bushfires were handled:


    - Bushfire warnings firstly issued by radio and television broadcasts.

    - Then the final evacuation orders issued from the loud hailers on the emergency service vehicles.

    One can only be thankful that the emergency services didn't attempt to rely on door knocking to get bushfire victims out of the way of the flames!

    Of course, if it is not after all a "lifesaving" work, then why bother at all?


  • jam

    Twenty years knocking on doors not one person came into borg, not

    one, not one lost sheep. I wasn't good at it. I should have realize after

    5 years this is a waste of time. How many people can you count that

    came into the borg from the door to door work?

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Hey, Stand for Pure Worship. A lifesaving work is it? Here's a question for you. Are you still teaching the Watchtower contradiction found here? That's a link to The Great Watchtower Contradiction


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