Spring hill fl JW kid is forced to pledge allegiance tothe flag

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  • ruderedhead

    This teacher needs to be fired. I saw the article yesterday, and as blondie said, this teacher forced his hand not once, but on a second occassion as well. This child was humiliated at only 6, trying to do what his parents told him would please God, and will probably carry the memory of this humiliation for the rest of his school years. What she did is illegal, she has no compassion for children, and should not be allowed to teach them. She needs to get her degree to teach at the college level, where the students can fight back.

  • Suraj Khan
    Suraj Khan

    The refusal to pledge allegiance to the flag is one of the very few things that the Witnesses got right (though in fairness the Quakers got it right before the Witnesses did). The teacher involved has no excuse for her behavior. For Pete's sake, West Virginia v. Barnette is a 70 year old decision. Or did Florida secede again?

  • adamah

    Irony being, I'm betting the teacher is likely a myopic believer, and would justify her actions based on her desire to do what God wants, just like the boy's parents would.

    Regardless, the teacher needs to take a remedial civics course, as more importantly, she's ignorant of the principles contained in the U.S. Constitution.

  • braincleaned

    I don't care for what reason the kid got in trouble — NOBODY should be forced a religious or patriotic deed.
    This is a scandal and I hope the teacher gets sacked.

  • carla

    It would be nice if witness children were allowed the same freedoms in respect to their 'religious' upbringing. I'm not suggesting the teacher was right here, just saying..... What happens to witness children who refuse to get baptised, refuse to do fs, refuse to do the 'studies', and so on.

  • AlphaMan

    This was so wrong. I can't believe a teacher can go through the system, and not have a clue or training that it is wrong to do JW children this way. She needs to be fired immediately. She put her hands on the kid and forcibly tried to make him violate his parents religious beliefs. Then there was the embarrassment in front of the other kids.

    When I was in, I went to the school and explained to the teachers what our position was with the pledge. Now, even though I think the JW religion is a cult, and I think it wrong for WT to teach a kid not to say the pledge, I do respect the rights or religion of others not to say it.

  • cofty

    The teacher is wrong for so many reasons.

    From her perspective the child is being manipulated by it's parents. The appropriate response to that is not to punish the child.

    I suspect this is not out of character for the teacher. She has no place in education.

  • suavojr

    I can still recall how a teacher pulled my hair when I was in kindergarden for not saluting the flag. I know it is wrong for parents to indoctrinate kids, but a teacher should know their boundaries.

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