Fellow student invited to chuck himself out of Catholic Church

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  • fulltimestudent

    Last day of the semester today.

    Feeling a little relaxed, a group of older students (which includes me-grin) were having a chat at lunch time.

    I was asked why I'm going to uni in my old age. So I explained that my religion discouraged it. Then I got chucked out and so now I can go.

    Well, of course, everyone wanted to know which religion and why they do that etc. Which I duly explained.

    Then this older guy pipes up and says that he had an experience like that last sunday.

    He's Catholic, but also fading (in his church he says lots have left over child sexual abuse).

    But he still likes to go to the church sometimes and just sit. So last sunday, he went and just sat in a pew, not doing the customary obeisance to the 'host.' The priest came over and sat beside him and said, "B why didn't you do obeisance." B explained that he did believe that it was Christ anymore.

    So the priest said, "well in that case, B, may I take you to the cardinal and explain that you wish to undergo voluntary ex-communication.

    I couldn't stop laughing - asked why, I said my lot wouldn't let anyone resign, they have to take action to chuck you out. You're lot invites you to chuck yourself out.

    Its all the same isn't it. If you do not conform - then you are OUT.

    As I keep saying, its not just the witnesses that are up themselves - its the whole root and branch of this offensive religion (Christianity).

  • Faithful Witness
    Faithful Witness

    Very interesting!

    We ran into some car trouble in May, and used it as an excuse to interrupt our attendance at the Baptist church we'd been part of for almost 3 years. We had already been talking about leaving, so it was the natural progression of things for our family. During that time, we visited and subsequently moved to another church, just down the street from our house.

    I see people from our old church often,when I am out in public. They do not shun me or pretend they don't see me. They might have some hurt feelings or misunderstanding about our leaving, but they are happy to stop and talk with me. I have not been ex-communicated or marked. I even spoke to a board member from the church just yesterday. They were "curious" why so many people were leaving, and had already assumed it was just the car trouble. I didn't add any information, since they didn't actually ask.

    This is not true of the people from the KH we attended. Even though we were not baptized, the "friends" who loved us so much, see right through me. They will actually respond if I speak to them first, but I literally have to make big gestures to get their attention. I can't tell if they just go through life with blinders on, or if they are intentionally avoiding making eye contact. I don't take it personally, but I do find it amusing. I have nothing but compassion and love for the JW's, and will always treat them with kindness and respect. Too bad they are not trained to do the same in return.

    It is amusing sometimes, to see how wide their eyes will get... I invited a friend over for dinner "sometime," and she lost all color in her face. That reaction has me wanting to pursue the relationship a little bit more, to see if she will refuse us, or accept a free meal. They gladly accepted the gourmet fruit and treat basket we sent, when her mother died after refusing blood. I feel so sorry for their little girl.

  • blondie

    This explains why Hans Kung was not chucked out...although he differed on official Catholic doctrine. Not chucked for sexual violations like adultery and fornication.

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