Is it just me...

by Freeof1914 11 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Oubliette

    Freeof1914, vent away!

    I'll listen ... and maybe even comment!

  • flipper

    FREEOF 1914- It depends what threads you read or reply on. We have freedom of speech here- but I look at this site like a television set- if you don't like what's on one channel ( or thread ) go to another channel ( or thread ) to your liking. It's not the kingdom hall, it's real life, the real world and in the real world people are going to have opinions that differ from ours. That's cool, it teaches us tolerance and open mindedness. We don't have to agree- just change the channel and find another thread that deals with situations that you relate to better, Believe me- after exiting this mind control cult Jehovah's Witnesses there are plenty of people here who need our help and a kind hearing ear. Why waste time arguing over stupid doctrines or get in a pissing match with someone ? Times a wasting- people leaving the borg need help and support. So that's how I roll. I avoid most controversy, just usually respond on human interest threads to help exiting JWs. If others are into the debating stuff- good for them, that's cool, I'll roll with what makes me comfortable- and you should too Free of 1914 if that makes you more comfortable. Just my 2 cents

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