Watchtower and Women's Rights

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  • jw07

    We are in the year 2014, women make up the majority of the JW population, yet are not given certain '''''''privileges''''''' simply because they don't have a penis. No talks, no leadership roles or the hope of them...ever, no matter how educated, zealous, or well spoken you are.

    With the world moving towards upholiding women's rights do you see this becoming an issue that the Watchtower will have to 'adjust it's thinking' on soon?

  • KateWild

    No I dont think so...the way WT spun 1Cor 14.34,35.......sucked in all Jehovah loving females, who believe he has their best interest at heart. I have experienced sexism from the WT and my JC in the cong

    Kate xx

  • Honesty

    Most JW females don't think they are being victimized because the Watchtower's kool aid is so potent.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    lol what rights

  • wasblind

    Don't matter if a sister is well spoken and educated

    If she's a Jehovah's witness she's expected to " Marry in the Lord "

    even if it is to a dumb ass Janitor that stutters

    she's expected to humble herself to make him look like he's worth at least a dime



    According to the WTBTS, insisting on your "rights" is wrong, and it shows spiritual weakness and a pridefull attitude. This is the view, even though the leadership hypocritically joined the UN as an NGO, and the EAJCW is still in bed with the OSCE.


  • Terry

    The issue is greater than Women's Rights; it is HUMAN rights which are violated by the Watch Tower.

    Repression and subjugation of women are a subset of human rights violations.

    The members of this religion are inside a collective mindset which demands everybody sacrifice themselves for

    the group. However, the group supresses women in order to magnify the power of the very weak and feckless men.

    Women are the real strength of the Witnesses while being regarded as the weakest creatures by nature.

    The contradiction of this reality is ample signal to the illogic and irrational thinking fostered by a mind control cult.

  • PaintedToeNail

    Take a look a Michelle Duggar, she pops out kid after kid, demands that her daughters wear dresses down past their knees and not do things that all kids love to do, like stand on their heads-because their undies will show and it isn't ladylike. The Amish make women wear bonnets, the polygamist Mormons wear dresses that look like they are from 1915, many Mennonite women wear head coverings, strict Jews keep women's skin covered from head to toe, Muslim women often wear bags to conceal their personhood...religion in general is very hard on women.

  • Quarterback

    Human rights are being violated in this faith whether you're male or female. Nobody can vote, unless you are sitting at a congregation meeting and through peer pressure you are approving an expenditure that the Elders have recommended. Women just lost many years of progress, when they were told to wear a head covering in the presence of a baptised male, while conducting a Bible Study.

    The TMS still holds males without status, and women in a crazy school that no one graduates from. Talk about spinning your wheels and going nowhere.


    They attempt to placate with some patronising paragraphs in the WT every few years about large armies and how women need a head of the household.

    As an ignorant young mini who knew basically nothing even i knew that plenty of sisters were smarter and more capable of holding a ministry group or a book study group than me. Being a brother felt like being part of the elite.

    Women should be leaving in their droves rather than marrying JW men for their "spiritual qualities". Many of those men would struggle to get any partner let alone someone willing to commit to marriage.

    It's a cloaked form of modern day slavery.


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