How will WTBTS turn growth around

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  • joe134cd

    I know sometimes I can come across as an opologist. I just can't seem to help myself, and I do apologize. I had a thought on how could the WTBTS turn their fortunes around to reducing the out flow, and getting a more positive growth of publishers, particularly in western lands. while still keeping their more unfavourable policies e.g blood, DFing, controlling etc.

    I believe that growth now will no longer come from the D2D ministry, but will come from focusing on it's existing members. Once they can reduce the ones leaving out the back door, they can build on this with external growth. So the question here is "how will they do this"???????

    I believe this will come through having better mechanisms in place for it youth. Ok I can understand the israelite thing about the parents instructing the children and I do believe it isn't the churches responsibility to take over this roll (Although they clearly feel they do have a roll in the family if the child gets DFed). To a point we have seen a shift from the Israelite model of teaching by the WTBTS e.g sparlock, cartoons, join the dots, colour in pictures. But is this enough??? Will they go further like other Churches that have youth programs, organised youth trips for activities that create better social cohesion. Simply having a 2 page essay once a month (YPA) telling the youth to keep their legs together or you will get a rash, and how much fun it is to go knocking on your school friend door just ain't cutting it.

    i also believe they have to find a way of making the meetings entertaining, while still been biblical and teaching. Making it a place that people want to go to, to be inspired by God, to learn and this been done through entertainment. I remember meeting a person out in F/Service, who was interested but had ceased coming to meetings, and her reply was that they were just a bore. Internally I couldn't help but agree with her. I believe the WTBTS has to be more open to changing its format. I remember when Mc Donald was first coming on the scene, and it was just the burger and fries meneu. Now there is everything under the sun E.g McCafe, breakfasts, coffees etc. Why??? Because they are always changing to the markets demands. Something I feel the WT needs to learn from.

    so what's your thoughts.

  • smiddy

    It aint gonna happen joe134cd , why ? because the WTB&TS is run mainly by old farts who cant change with the times for one thing . the other thing is they cant loose the reins , especially on young people , who knows where that would lead them , down the path of christendom of course. Bands in a K.H. ? I dont think so . If its one thing that the G.B. have learnt , it is to control their members in every aspect of their lives and to maintain that control by shunning freinds , family members and whoever questions their authourity . They have set themselves up as spokesperson for God and their word is law.That is non negotiable .

    Just as an aside : The Eastman Kodak company went into bakruptcy because it was run by old farts who couldnt/woudnt move with the times .I think it is now trying to make a comeback, yet is still stuck in the past , it will be interesting to see how that pans out.


  • steve2

    Well, you could be onto something Joe. Who'd have predicted the organization would begin to focus in earnest on its internet website as a means to attract interest and that it would push and promote public forms of witnessing such as with panel board displays and (at least in Mexico) witnessing vehicles that open-up into study platforms? Interest in making the organization more youth-friendly has been raised from gime to time over the decades. In the late 1970s, the Watchtower scornfully referred to some brothers who were asking the GB to start official youth programs.The organization made it crystal clear that anyyouth or children's programs were unacceptable - that parents were responsible for inculcating the truth in their children. Meanwhile, it bleeds young ones who are dropping out in the droves. Still, anything's possible zmd we'll stay tuned in the meantime.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Forget it, they're screwed. The internet has f*cked 'em. They only get a bit of organic growth now and in Africa, where the information highway is still third world. The new generation are information savvy with full and free information on the web to any and everything at the press of a button. When JW's knock on the door, nowadays 80% of people go straight online and Google JW's, are shocked at what they read and realise to give them wide berth treatment. The organisation will just keep eeking out the current growth rates more or less for the next 20 years (until 2034) or thereabouts, then drop into terminal decline.

  • Laika

    They've already started focus on keeping their current members. Check the stats, they lose less members now then they did pre-internet.

  • Fernando

    The more they window dress the WBTS graveyard the more it rots within (Matt 23:27).

    At some point smell must overwhelm appearance.

  • Captain Blithering
    Captain Blithering

    Try asking this on jwtalk and watch yourself get shot down in flames! Proper self righteous bunch there, if you ask a question and if it's not outright praise and support you're the devil.

  • joe134cd

    Hey all you comments are well based. I realize that Wt dosnt change until it absolutly has to. But you think about some of the changes they have made that 20 years ago would have seemed impossible. With regard to the internet they are now going fully on line e.g you tube account, and I can only see it been a matter of time before they do a full back track and encourage preaching on it. They just have to as the present situation with sites like this it is just killing them.

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi joe134cd, I agree with what others have said that the GB and leaders of the WTBTS are stuck in a rut and what is worse they are a dangerous cult. The WTBTS will continue to increase their numbers by lowering requirements to be pioneers and publishers, and increase efforts to recruit non-English speaking people.

    The WTBTS will also try to improve their marketing efforts on the internet with better webstie design and videos, but that will probably back-fire on them as they encourage JWs to use tablets and computers. The only good thing about the WTBTS going digital is it will allow them to revise their publications as needed and more efficiently. Read how the WTBTS revised its 1989 Watchtower propaganda of how the preaching work will endi after the 20th Century on JWFacts 20th Century.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • NewYork44M

    What do they want with new members? The scam has moved to real estate. Increasing the pot of gold is all about very sophisticated real estate transactions.

    The only need enough member to be considered a religion. After that, members become a liability.

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