Mayor of Toronto, has been hurled down, and he has a short period to rule left.

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  • Quarterback

    Well, it's official. The Mayor of the city of Toronto has admitted that he has smoked Crack Cocaine. A video existed, but was never released.

    But, even tho he has admitted to doing this during his reign, he still won't resign, and they can't remove him.

    Kind of reminds me of the rule of Satan on this earth. His reign has to run it's course, and we have to endure it.

  • minimus


  • Deceived

    I am from Toronto, I thought he was doing a lot of good things for our city but I am very Disappointed with him now that all these lies and coverups have come out. I would not vote for him now. I think for sure this is going to be the demise of his Mayor career.

  • cantleave

    I heard about this on Radio 4 this morning.

    He says he was very drunk when he did it. I wonder if he would be tolerant of all anti-social behaviour due to alcohol abuse.

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