What the hell is a "land?"

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  • EdenOne

    What Jeffro said.

    The use of "Land" is an attempt to be politically correct. Example: Taiwan. By calling it a "land", they aren't pissing off the chinese, who consider Taiwan part of their territory. "Land" also may referr to an autonomous region. Example "Azores", are a group of islands that belong to Portugal. Yet, in the Yearbook report, they have been treated treated as a separate territory than the mainland Portugal (same for Madeira island too).

    WT geography isn't necessarily tied to geopolitics.


  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Good point. It's a far less charged term than country, and easier to put them all under a broad heading like that rather than list countries, territories, protectorates, provinces, federations or whatever. I never thought of that.

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