Tango in the Kingdom Hall!

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  • Atlantis

    2013 Tango Lessons in the Kingdom Hall in Argentina after the Special Assembly with representatives of the Watchtower Society learning to tango. . . . . . . Petra

  • fakesmile

    isnt the tango kinda erotic? the best we had was the line dance to boot scootin boogie. i guess that would be off limits now that milie is a sex symbol.

    and this would have been considered "brazen conduct" with sexual overtones in my old congo. especially in j,s house.

    my friend wouldnt even trade comic books in the parking lot because it would have turned god's palace into a place of business.

  • ABibleStudent

    Tango when done properly is a lot closer - no light between bodies.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • fakesmile

    lol jw's version of the tango is a 9" minimum. unless you are engaged, than it is a 6" minimum... with chaperones. wait till the young sisters start "twerkin".

  • DeWandelaar

    Unbelievable... these halls were never allowed to be used for social gatherings as far as I know... I am actually shocked (although I could not care less :P)

  • zeb

    and i have just read a book where the young couple in it had to have wt muzak not apiece written for them by musical friend for their wedding.

    Itseems the rules change for location. Oh and the tango done right it sizzles.!

  • hotspur

    And I guess (because of location) it must be the Argentine Tango - even more erotic!

  • BluesBrother

    Well, Well Well... fun and music in the Kingdom Hall, whatever next?

    I, for one applaud the sense of fun and music , I would have if I had still been "in" . Who placed a guitar un the platform underneath the daytext?

    It would never happen around here, though- after all it is "dedicated" and not for amusement. Brit dubs would not dance the tango in a hired hall ...

  • KateWild

    Hmmm I am sure there will be a local needs about this now-Kate xx

  • Gayle

    I knew a beautiful missionary from Puerto Rico that came for Gilead School back in '70. She said with a smile and a sparkle in her eyes, the Society will 'never' be able to take the hips sway out of the Latin females, and especially when she dances.

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