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  • ShirleyW

    Splash, You mean to say you heard from 13 desperate sister who decided that since Jah hasn't found them that perfect Brother yet they decided to play for the other team?

    You should tell them about the African brother that I mentioned in my first post here that's searching for the ideal mate. All he wants is someone to watch TV and sing Kingdom songs. . . I'm sure those sisters own a TV and songbook, right?

  • minimus

    Is this site considered appropriate for Witnesses to use? I would think a dating site would be a no-no.

  • ShirleyW

    Twenty years ago the inernet was a no-no for Dubs

    However as you may know the Society's website has been up since the internet stared picking up.

  • minimus

    Yes, but the Society site isn't geared for anyone to get hooked up.

  • jamclark

    I was on it for a year or so, not active though. At the end, it is a "front" for a typical match making site just with a JW focus. Anyone can make an account and fib or lie their way through.

    Seems most of the women were from the far east, like the Philippines.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    There was a Bro on that dating site who shaved 10 years off his age and eliminated his children completely. He said he wouldn't mind if the sister was young and spiritually inactive!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    My disabled jw friend is on there n started a couple of relationships but got dumped as soon as the guy found out she couldn't have sex. Hand jobs would be it but these guys were like, I love you, you're amazing, talented (she's an artist) promising her the world and saying the sex didn't matter, then just when it gets really serious they dump her and say they can't be with her because of the sex thing. Shows what really matters to these middle age single jws. They lead her in then dump her.

    The org is dead against jws having any sort of forums or cyberspaces of their own, and I remember a recent dc I went to the speakers related all these horror stories about how Facebook led jws to fornicate and a heap of people deactivated their Facebook accounts as soon as they got home. But as my friend who is on jw match said, how else are jws supposed to meet people?

  • Wide Awake!
    Wide Awake!

    The site that we need is ex-JW Match.

    What do you guys think?

  • bigmac

    there are several facebook jw dating sites. i wont put up a link--ive been told Simon doesnt approve of links to FB

  • tiki

    this is all so sad that these poor people are so lonely they have to look for companionship electronically. so very sad. if only they could see that there are many people out there and they are not really limited to a sole few weirdo's in their circuit.....but they - and i know, i was there - make such a guilt trip out of normal human feelings...........so so sad...and the ones that actually find someone and end up married end up miserable, because they take whatever/whomever is available and drawing breath......they never find a real love because they never find or know themselves in the first place.

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