Question about recent love bombing....

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  • KateWild

    I would say WT nonsense has instigated this. I think they are having a crisis of conscience. Atm in the WT and meetings we have been told to avoid bad associations all the more. Maybe another relative of your has been df'd you don't know about, or they have stopped going.

    In recent times at meetings or in the littertrash, nothing has been mentioned to reconnect with df'd relatives. This is a good thing for you. Keep us posted as to the motives. I hope they get in touch again soon-Kate xx

  • LV101

    It's really strange the world knows very little about JWs other than refusal of blood transfusions and how they shun and are rude to former members - that's the most popular statement I hear about the cult. Blood issues alone used to be enough to scare off anyone with a brain but they're shunning policy really makes alerts people of their evil.

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    They're both VERY active JW's!

    I could understand it if they were both weak or inactive JW's. But they're not.

    It will be interesting to see if more of us at JWN have these experiences.....

    LV101 very true. And the masses know little about the child abuse that goes on as well. I heard Sandusky victims are growing in number. I thought for sure after the Conti case, there would be huge expousure on the news but nothing. Just puddles here and there. I guess the world at large expect child abuse in religion after the RCC had all those naughty priests getting busted.

  • KateWild

    I think they are having a crisis of conscience......only very active hard core JWs have a crisis of conscience, they deeply love Jehovah this great good benevolent being, and their conscience tells them.....wait a minute, this pratice is actually unloving.

    Inactive ones that leave, or disobey the GB, normally do so for other reasons.

    JWfacts...Paul Grundy was very active, until he saw a lying, cheating brother get appointed as an elder...he started to develop doubts after this.

    I hope they get in touch again-Kate xx

  • Jim_TX

    Mind Blown,

    You didn't mention the ages of the relatives. But you said 'over 30 years' - so that means that at least one of them is probably close to 50 - or over that age.

    I would say that as one gets older, a lot of 'rules' that were imposed when younger no longer to hold the power they once did.

    They are also of the older 'generation' that has seen a lot of the changes in the policies, and teachings. Maybe they are thinking they have had enough of it.

    Since you're DF'ed, you have nothing to lose... be nice to them. Let them know how you feel, and that you think that relatives are important.


    Jim TX

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