What is the longest commute you know of JW that attends every meeting?

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  • Iamallcool

    Blondie, he goes to the ASL congregation in Manhattan. (I think it is Manhattan, I might be wrong) They have several ASL congregations in NYC.

  • blondie

    llamalcool, that explains the distance then. There are few ASL congregations and they have to travel far to make up a large enough congregation and have enough elders. I knew a brother who worked shift work and there were no meetings on Sunday on his off time. He traveled 100 miles one way to go on Sunday...some elders felt he should quit his job.

  • blondie

    *** yb07 pp. 17-18 Highlights of the Past Year ***

    Paula, who is 82 years of age, began learning the Vietnamese language and travels about 100 miles [150 km] to attend meetings. “I am not gifted when it comes to language,” she says, “but I am very grateful to Jehovah for giving me so much joy.” Paula studied with a Vietnamese family. The husband was the first to take an interest in the truth, and his wife followed. Both are now baptized.

    *** yb06 pp. 108-109 Romania ***

    The next stop was Tirgu-Mures, then a city of 31,000. It too had suffered in the war, and hardly a bridge remained. Still, 700 brothers from 25 congregations traveled up to 30 miles [50 km] each way to the meeting place—a clearing in the forest near the city.

    *** yb05 p. 165 Guyana ***

    and every Friday we would head off early, traveling by bicycle over 18 miles [30 km] of dusty roads to Charity for the meetings. We carried groceries, sheets, blankets, and mosquito nets.

    *** yb89 p. 46 1989 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses ***

    To attend all the meetings, Rami’s parents travel a round trip of close to 80 miles [130 km]. Since their family is well known, news of their association with Jehovah’s Witnesses has spread like wildfire throughout their hometown.

    *** km 6/77 p. 1 Branch Letter ***

    In parts of Australia where the population is very scattered, brothers may travel over a hundred miles to attend a meeting or to share in the field service. What an example they are setting in showing appreciation for spiritual things!

    *** w09 4/15 pp. 21-22 Can You Serve Where the Need for Kingdom Publishers Is Greater? ***

    For example, when Rubén and his family heard that the first English-language congregation had been formed in San Miguel de Allende and that all of Mexico was that congregation’s territory, they immediately decided to assist. This meant learning English, getting accustomed to a different culture, and traveling long distances—500 miles [800 km] each week—to attend the meetings.

    *** w03 8/1 p. 26 Happy Is the One Whose God Is Jehovah ***

    However, Jehovah’s spirit impelled this 84-year-old man to travel more than 1,000 miles [1,600 km] one way to Anchorage for a circuit assembly, even though he had never attended a congregation meeting.

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