Conversation with a christian today or: How the holy spirit got it wrong.

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  • bohm

    Qcmbr: After the prayer, did you find a way to justify Gods lack of clear evidence or did you simply put it out of your mind?

    One of my biggest grips with christianity is it seem to be full of small ques designed to make the believer think asking for evidence, or wondering where the evidence is, is somehow morally "bad" because it implies god is not playing fair, and the believer is not being humble.

  • Bugbear

    How could you be humble when you knows that god is with you?


  • Comatose

    Great experience.

  • Qcmbr

    Bohm - I came up with my own justification - this is an age of instant sensory gratification where the skill to be learnt is to be led and taught by the spirit, the 'still, small voice' ,not to have immediate evidential proof which in former , simpler times was the way as people were much more spiritually attuned and mature and could correctly understand what they were seeing - which is of course non-scriptural, sophistry. In reality I was trapped in a social cage where my entire persona was subverted by my culture ( Mormon missionary), family expectation and the public role I had created, preached and lived ( zealous believer ) - I could not escape my own public pronouncements. So I finished my mission, I baptised and preached and my shelf got a little heavier. I was unable to understand the simple truth staring me in the face - all my spiritual experiences were self induced and no real supernatural / natural interactions ever occurred. Took me 15 years to confront that , 15 years of continued preaching and pretence.

  • jgnat

    Thanks for relating that story.

    This is funny!

    "Then it occurred to me what if he gets it right? I really did think that thought, and I made up my mind that the only honest thing to do was to write a long number, make sure to cover it with my hand and if he got it right I would damn better sell my stuff, pick up my cross and umbrella and practice my Mick Jagger."

  • cofty

    Thanks for sharing that bohm. I would love to have seen his face when you suggested the number test.

    Isn't it funny how street magicians are more impressive than people who claim to have the power of the holy spirirt?

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