Can A Witness Eat Organically Grown Food?

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  • Englishman

    I wonder if JW’s are aware that organic food is grown in soil that is improved by enriching the soil with manure, fish-meal and dried blood? Lots and lots of dried blood?

    I know for a fact that when I was “dubbing”, we were told that it was verboten to use dried blood as soil fertilizer. In later years I took over a garden allotment to grow fresh vegetables for the family and eventually opted to go the organic route, forsaking the use of chemical nitrogen and phosphates, which just sit “in” the soil. I chose to improve the soil itself by organic methods using green manures, fish-meal and, of course dried blood. Bucketfuls of dried blood too, not just a "sprinkle". New potatos were scrummy!

    As organic food becomes more desirable, Tesco’s report that consumption is increasing yearly, their organic dept is about one half the capacity of chemically grown vegetables, and increasing yearly.

    So there you have it. Eat the chemically grown food, you dubs, the healthy non-cancerous organic stuff is denied to you!


  • sleepy

    Bloody hell.

    When its my wife turn to buy shopping, she gets everything organic.
    It cost ten times as much (Well not quite).
    Now I can tell her theres blood in it.
    Let's see if she still thinks like a witness.

  • Englishman


    We need to realise that stores such as Tesco's (UK's largest food retailer) buy their stuff from farmers all over the country, so don't let your missus try to convince you that they don't use dried blood, they do!

    I have just spoken with my sister-in-law who runs an organic farm in Scotland. She tells me that there are 5 "Organic bodies" in the UK, all with their own standards of whats organic and what is not. There are many more in the USA and Australia.

    Some organic bodies only allow the use of abbatoir - slaughter house products if there is a proven defficiency in the soil of the organic farm. Others list blood as perfectly acceptable.


  • Solace

    Thanks for bringing this up.
    I had no idea this teaching even existed.
    A little ridiculous I must say.
    When is is going to end!

    Whats next,
    "I was disfellowshipped for eating a tomato".

  • Elsewhere

    It should be ok so long as the farmer properly bleeds the plants.

    There is also the scriptural precedent about not questioning whether the butcher, err, farmer properly bleeds the products he is selling at the market.

    "As every one knows, there are mistakes in the Bible" - The Watchtower, April 15, 1928, p. 126
    Believe in yourself, not mythology.
    <x ><

  • Matty

    JWs are totally haemophobic; they are conditioned into thinking that blood must always be ceremoniously poured onto the ground – but make sure it isn’t anywhere near those vegetables!

  • expatbrit

    Perhaps it's OK if the farmer separates the fractions into different buckets before tipping them onto the soil?


  • Francois


  • Englishman

    Short for scrumptious.


  • Valis

    Somewhere in this discussion it might be prudent to add that the use of animal byproducts to grow food has caused serious problems....i.e the mad cows. I wonder how many UK JWs had their hamburgers and steak pies without realizing they were eating animals fed with other if they don't know will Jehovah forgive them?


    District Overbeer

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