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  • molybdenum
    Serving Jehovah Before the Days of Distress Come

    Quote: Para 4

    If you have acquired decades of experience as an adult, you have a key question to ask yourself, ‘What will I do with my life now while I still have some energy and strength?’

    Quote: Para 6

    "If you are an experienced Christian, you have great potential. Consider what you understand now that you did not know 30 or 40 years ago."

    I understood over 40 years ago that "as a young person you will not grow old in this system of things"

    That everyone born in 1914 would not die off before Armagedon comes.

    Now I am being told "do more..you can do more..."

    Don't they realise how bitter some older ones feel about this?

    I would say the days of distress have already come especially if you don't have much or any pension or

    savings because you listened to them all those years ago.

    Give me a break WTS. How about giving me some of the money you are making in hedge funds to offset my deficiency.

    "An Equalising?"

  • whathappened

    Hear, hear, I hear you!

  • ocd
  • Honesty
  • EndofMysteries

    "If you are an experienced Christian, you have great potential. Consider what you understand now that you did not know 30 or 40 years ago."

    I understand now that everything taught 30 or 40 years ago were merely the teachings of man and old light and now considered apostate material. I also understand now that in 30 or 40 years, the new light, which is from God himself to the faithful slave just like it was 30 and 40 years ago, will also be old light, apostate, merely teachings of men.

  • Faithful Witness
    Faithful Witness

    Very good points. When we visited the KH for the 2nd WT in September's "new light" issue, there were some interesting comments from a couple of elderly ladies. One said, "We've been taught these dates our whole lives... What are we to do now? I guess the choice is to believe it, or to just fade away..."

    I was sitting there, remembering the 75-yr old woman who had taught me the lesson about 1914, so many years ago. She drew a complicated diagram, and she had clearly been reviewing this many times. I never quite understood it or believed it at the time, and thankfully never had to explain it to anyone else. How must they feel now? So sad, the way the JW's treat the grey-headed ones.

    And now... "Hey! You can still walk! Get out there and place more magazines! Come on, you geezers... Stop feeling sorry for yourselves. Surely, you have much more to give. We will squeeze every last ounce of life out of you, yet!" Horrible, horrible... is this love?

  • Junebuggie

    Hello Faithful Witness,

    Are you an active JW? Just wondering because you said that you visited the KH for the 2nd Watchtower in Septembers "new light". Are the older ones now starting to ask about past dates? I feel so bad for those that have endured the WT chains.

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