Dateline's Necessity

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  • metatron

    There is a new necessity for the Dateline expose'.

    Fairness to Catholics.

    The blitz of media attention has focused almost exclusively
    on the Catholic church and its priests. Yet, other centralized
    and secretive religions may be just as guilty. In the interest
    of fairness, the Watchtower Society should be exposed as well
    as all other faiths that obstruct morality and the law.

    Just something else to add to your e mails and private


  • Pureheart

    I agree Metatron.

    First take down the Big Tree, and it will fall on the shrubs.


  • LDH


    You know I love your posts.

    On the Dateline thingy though, I'm in the camp that says it won't matter to diehard rank and file!


    Worldly people mostly don't care as long as the JW don't ring their doorbell.

    And the JW will dismiss it entirely as Satan persecuting Jehovah's people, and will redouble their paltry efforts in a lackluster ministry, assuming the end is close! Of course, growth is nil to reverse here in the states, and the continents and countries where this type of report would matter most (South America/Africa) don't have the communication infrastructure to air such a report.

    I've commented before on this; my own family is LOVING the SLAM the Catholic church is getting; when asked (sneakily) if they could be that objective if a report on the JW were to air, they didn't even pause to take a breath before defending Jehovah's Pure Organization.

    It's pure, allright. Pure Bullshit.


    (PS I hope to God I'm wrong.)

  • silentlambs

    I continue to encourage all who have an interest in this program to email Dateline daily and positive request they air the piece ASAP. I am hearing positive feedback and that is all I can say at this time. The next prediction I will make about dateline with be the airdate and when I have that in hand I encourage those concerned to let everyone they know about it.

  • Quandary

    I agree about the Dateline expose being necessary in all fairness to members of "Babylon the Great". Also, the Watchtower has to be brought before the court of public opinion in this most sensitive of issues because for decades it has been the FIRST to expose other relgious organizations for their crimes against humanity- What goes around comes around. After all, Galatians 6:7 says "Do NOT be mislead: God is NOT one to be mocked. For whatever a man is sowing this he WILL also reap;" It's God's law- they should not and will not be exempt-

  • anewperson
  • LDH

    While I agree with all of your thoughts, and have done my part with the email thingy--do you think it will have an effect on the rank and file?


  • startingover

    My loyal Jdub parents were commenting about how some Catholics were upset becuase of this and felt they were being persecuted. My mother said it in a scoffing way, because she felt they deserve to be exposed.

    If the dateline thing happens I'm sure I will hear those same words about being persecuted come from her mouth and I will kindly remind her about what she said earlier.

  • gsx1138

    My only advice to my JW mother is, "Don't drink the Kool-Aid."

    I really think the WTS should get into politics because they could spin some elders with goats picture. I agree that this Dateline thing will make no difference. The basic tennant that every JW is bound by is Hypocrisy.

    Dear Lord, please save me from your followers.

  • RunningMan

    Most long time Witnesses are so indoctrinated and skilled at self deception that this will not impact them. However, even so, it is a huge and necessary step.

    Potential converts and borderline Witnesses will see this. Those whose eyes are openable will see what is really going on. And this is important.

    The organization has a huge churn rate for a religion. People burn out and defect much more often from JW's than they do from real religions. As a result, in established markets, they need to baptize at least 2.5% of their membership every year to break even. This covers mortality and defections.

    In Canada, their baptism rate is only 1.8%, ensuring a continuing malaise in membership numbers. Publicity like dateline helps to increase the defections (even if only marginally), and reduce conversion prospects.

    Just yesterday, my wife was talking to another mother from our son's school. They got onto the subject of the Catholic church molestation problems. Although both of them agreed on the culpability of the Catholic Church, the non-JW mother also said "I know a few things about your religion that aren't so good, either". This woman is very internet friendly.

    So, believe me, the word about JW's is getting out there. Dateline will help, but it is only one facet of a huge PR problem facing the society.

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