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  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    I didn't go to the AGM nor was I invited .I didn't go to the Sunday meeting either.i received a text though from a long standing ministerial servant that echoes the sentiment in my congragation at least.He was present at the meeting.No elder was there and all parts ,Watchtower and Public talk were handled by ministerial servants.He was incensed that he was not invited allthough he's been a servant for many years and always volunteered at the assemblies etc. The absense of all these elders was very noticable .Most of the congragation was uninformed for the "Dog & Ponny Show" (sorry AGM) and the reason I think was that they were embarrased to admit that only they were going to go.But the most upsetting thing for many is that ONLY the ones that went to the AGM got the new Bible ,the rest will have to wait till January when the first supply arrives at the congragation. Also many have found out that the instruction is that the new Bible has to be used from the congragation straight away at the meetings and field service .Imagine the embarrasment to be sitting next to the in crowd with their new flashy Bible !

    I think ,what we are witnessing here ladies and gentlemen is the creation of two classes among the rank & file which exposes the GB 'S mind set of "divide & conquer" the INS and the OUTS ,the exemplary and the week .

    What was the aftermath in your congragation? Was there any disatisfaction ? any murmuring? any confusion? Where there any eldrers there ?

  • slimboyfat

    Are you in the US or UK? I understood that everyone was invited in the US but only select individuals in the UK. So yes two classes, but only outside the US apparently.

    Are you sure the Bibles won't be distributed immediately? I'd be surprised. At the AGM they said that pocket Bibles and large print Bibles would be available next year. I think the regular ones will be in the Kingdom Hall immediately.

  • sir82

    creation of two classes


    There's been 2 classes for a long long time. The "spiritually mature" and the "spiritually weak".

    It's only an issue for most JWs when they realize they've been lumped in with the "have-nots".

  • jgnat

    I think you are right on the money on that. The "priveleged" Witnesses and the "not exactly good association" Witnesses. I've bought stretchy book covers in the past. Perhaps they come in grey. Or else, use your TABLET! That's the answer! Go techhy all the way. You are back in.

  • cedars

    Wow, I didn't realize that's how the new bibles are being handed out in the UK. Thanks for sharing Raymond.


  • Poindexter Lionel Humperdique
    Poindexter Lionel Humperdique

    Raymond, I agree regarding the 2 classes. It reminds me how only pioneers and other "favorites" are invited to the Zone meetings. When I was in the Borg, I recall the pioneers braggging about how they were invited in front of non-pioneers who were not invited. Just another symptom of the organization not being founded on Love.... with divisions of classes.

  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    so far ( it is early days) the first Bibles will be distributed next year .Only the ones that attented the AGM will have one immmediately.Anyone here from the UK? Do you have any more uptodate info?

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    We have had nothing so far. I cannot imagine them making a special delivery so that means two more weeks before our regular magazine/literature delivery day.


  • LongHairGal


    Of course there are two classes of JWs. I saw this back in the day and it made my "fade" so much easier. What the hell did I lose? Nothing.

    Hopefully, these snubbed Witnesses will vote with their pocketbooks.

    Maybe there is a silver lining in the cloud in that more people will wake up and see that something is wrong with the religion.


    This JW didn`t get an Invitation to the Special Meeting or.. ..........I was in Vietnam!..

    .............................A New Bible!!...........................................................You SOB!!..


    .........................  photo mutley-ani1.gif...OUTLAW

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