Why doe New light tick me off???? Next 2 weeks WT Studies

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  • leaving_quietly

    Hmm. Ok. I'll acquiesce. The word "antitype" and anything about Nebuchadnezzar and his tree dream appear together in any of the literature. So, from a purely "technical" perspective, it's not a type/antitype thing. However, the "seven times" vision is considered a "prophectic pattern" as recently as the October 1, 2014 WT on 1914 (chart on page 11).

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl

    Didn't have a chance to read the lesson, but I did listen on the phone. Since I was busy, I got bits and pieces.

    As I was hearing those bits and pieces, I thought "uh-oh, they are setting the foundation for another, if not several, changes in understanding".

    How is this fortifying anyone's faith?

    I'm pretty much out, but my wife is in, and I know that her reasoning will be that same 'reasoning' we used to use when we were in.

    This is very frustrating.


  • SAHS

    “smiddy”: The majority of Jehovah Witnesses seem to have average to low education standards and of course their are others with higher education in their ranks. However, could this statement have a bearing on the fact?

    That’s a good question. I’ve just read a couple of books by Steven Hassan, who had held a significant position in the Unification Church, also know as the “Moonies,” and apparently such cults recruit people with average or greater intelligence. Notice a couple of his comments from his latest book, Combatting Cult Mind Control:

    “The popular view of cults is that they prey on the disaffected and the vulnerable—losers, loners, outcasts, and people who simply don’t fit in. But the truth is very different. In fact, most cult recruits are normal people with ordinary backgrounds—and many are highly intelligent.” (p. 39)

    “Many cults deliberately seek out people who are intelligent, talented, and successful. As a result, its members are often powerfully persuasive and seductive to newcomers.” (p.87)

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