JWs and Chastity Belts

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  • SexKitten

    And Stephanus would be the first to convert! But really guys, it would be just like the morman and their underwear. And it just wouldn't look right under some outfits. It may even turn them on!! The women I mean.
    I read an article the other day, that the chastity belt is coming back in a serious way again among young christian ladies. Because it's an old romantic way of protecting yourself.
    'Only chaste ladies wear chastity belts.'

  • Prisca

    History (or lack of) regarding Chastity Belts

    Two historians say chastity belts are purely medieval myths
    Agence France-Presse

    LONDON -- Chastity belts never existed. They are nothing more than Victorian myths.

    So say two British historians, whose views are shared by some of the country's biggest museums, the Sunday Times newspaper reports.

    "Apart from a handful of prisoners who wore them for protection against licentious warders, it is unlikely belts were anything more than a handy gag for burlesque writers," historian James Brundage was quoted as saying.

    Felicity Riddy, of the Center for Medieval Studies at York University, agreed. "There is no medieval evidence, from Chaucer or anyone else. It all points to an early urban myth brought back to life by the Victorians," she said.

    Chastity belts are popularly thought to have been invented in the Middle Ages to prevent women from engaging in sexual intercourse.

    The British Museum in London has already removed from exhibition a supposedly medieval chastity belt, which has been on view since 1846.

    "It is probable that the majority of existing examples were made in the 19th century as curiosities for the prurient or jokes for the tasteless," a spokesman for the museum was quoted as saying.


  • Prisca

    Ummm.... Refiners..... I'm still locked up here...... can you come to house number 49 and go to the back door.....




  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Are you sure you trust me to release you Pris?
    You do??
    How sweet.

    Foolish girl

    (Wheres that honeypot)

  • Prisca

    RF - you say "honeypot" like that's a bad thing

  • Stephanus
    Two historians say chastity belts are purely medieval myths

    More or less what I was saying at the start of this thread; that they are pretty well a modern thing and mainly used by certain kinky sectors of the population.
    BTW, I got those pics of yourself you sent; very nice!!

  • Xander

    And, a token emoticon for this thread...

    Xander F
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    --George Santayana

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    lol @ refiners

    Im in the wrong bloody house!

    lol @ xanders emoticon.

    i luv u all...u make me laff.


  • Valis

    No more pedophelia for the WT...

    Some possible history to ponder for the chaste minded..



    District Overbeer

  • Stephanus

    Here's an interesting little news story about a traditional wedding involving a chastity belt:

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