The Revised NWT - A great timewaster

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  • Listener

    Sometimes the WTBTS are just brilliant in coming up with new ways of wasting the JWs time.

    With this new edition they will have to be getting their head's around new terms and phrases. Many JWs will know a lot of verses off by heart, now they will be required to relearn them which will be no simple task.

    They have been told to keep their Old NWT for research purposes. Now instead of looking up one scripture they will have two bible's to look up.

    The writing committee now has so much new material available to them to write copious articles about. They will be able to write on and on aboout nothing of any importance but seemingly is important because it is about bible scriptures. That's nothing new but all the changes in the NWT allows them to go into detail as to why they thought this change and that change was necessary

    It may even distract many apostates from noticing other wrongs within the organization as they too focus on the revisions.

  • goddidit

    They've revised their bible? I'd like to hear more about this.

    Has this been done before? How can they attest to it's accuracy and then change it?

  • Listener

    This is what they have presented the JWs with at the Annual General Meeting of the WTBTS held over the weekend.

    It have taken five years to do the revision and they have released these books to JWs by the 10s of thousands all at once, like a Tsunami.

    At this stage it the revision has only been done in english.

  • rmt1
  • truthsetsonefree

    I took a quick glance last night and saw tons of changes. Actually I wonder how many were necessary. As someone who memorized large sections of the NWT as a child I find a certain romance in the wording, even if I'm not particularly religious anymore. Many of the changes seemed superficial and unnecessary. But then again I'm not a Hebrew or Greek language expert so perhaps I'm missng something.


  • goddidit

    I thought I read something recently about it being shown in court that the NWT writers had no knowledge of Hebrew or Greek anyway.

    Does anyone know anything about this?

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