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  • peaceloveharmony

    okay, i thought since us apostates have been called bitter and angry and unable to see both sides of an issue lately i'd share a positive story about a sister in my old congregation.

    this sister was my best friend's grandma. she was in general just a kind sweet grandma type woman. every year, she'd put together a "give away." all the families in the congregation would gather their old, grown-out of clothes and things and grandma B would set up shop in her garage. a garage sale without any selling :) she'd have the shop set up for a week or so then she would take all the remaining clothes, shoes etc and ship them off to congregations in outstate minnesota to help out struggling families there. even though she was doing this for her fellow jws, i still think it shows her as trying to be a good christian. she took the initiative to organize this all on her own. my friend's family is weathly, the could have easily just gone about business without a care of what others in the congregations were going through, since from the platform, this kind of charity is not encouraged or even a requirement for jws. but i do not think she was the way she was because of the witness, more like she was kind and generous in spite of them.

    she also made life for us kids in the hall a little brighter. she'd throw parties for us, where ALL the kids were invited, make up great games for us to play and seemed to truly love seeing us all laughing and having a great time.

    i consider grandma b to be a true christian, walking the walk, talking the talk. and trying her darnedest to live by jesus' two commandments within the wacky world of the jws.

    anyone else got some stories about great people who touched our lives?

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    (((harm and grammy))) she sounds like a great ol lady! thanks

    let me dream inside you

  • JeffT

    Good story. My first congregation had some pretty decent people in it for the most part, it was one of the things that pulled me in. There were a couple of elders that I think really did care about people.

  • Matty

    I have very fond memories of older ones while I was growing up, this is familiar stuff to me. I think that is what is keeping me in at the moment, there are a few elderly brothers and sisters around now that I love so much, and it would break their hearts If I left. It's funny how (sweeping generalisation comin up) the post-war generation of jws seem to have forgotten how to be a real christians! Its all about love, not dogma!

    I'm fillin' up!!

  • revdrjohnson

    In my forthcoming autobiography, "From Kingdom Hall to Kingdom Call," I have a chapter entitled "The Kingdom Hall." There's an excerpt, here:


    The purpose of this chapter is to show that underneath the people at the Kingdom Hall are really just people: And some of them -- very nice -- were part of a very important part of my life and will always be fondly remembered.

    Keep the Faith


  • gold_morning

    How true. My grandmother was the like of some of the elderly you mentioned. We must remember as someone posted here said. They are people. They are people who had a spiritual desire to worship God. That is a good thing and shows they opened their hearts like little children.It is sad the they were not taught the true Jesus and deceived by the evil one.
    AGain, there is many things that I am thankful for. I have become who I am from the experience. I perhaps never would have been born again if it were not for having come out of the organization. The fluency of scripture I owe to the many years that I was involved with them.
    Satan will use any means to take the gift of salvation away from Jesus and put it elsewhere. Mostly he does this thru religion. To do so he uses truth to deceive. His biggest weapon is deception.
    A pastor said something once that is interesting.
    How true that is.
    agape love gold morning

  • BluesBrother

    Ok I know that a couple of days have passed since this thread was last used, but if anyone still visits, i would add my two pence worth.

    There are so many individuals that I can think of who would fit in here. There was dear old Nellie, a spinster in her late 70's who lived in a bed sit and had an open house to all the young single ones . We would all drop in to meet up, leave things for another to pick up and always be sure of a loving welcome .She radiated warmth and zeal for the "Truth" and provided an invaluable service to the stressed youth of the time.

    Some of the elders that I served with, eg: D S . A builder by trade but blessed with more insight and practical wisdom than any college graduate.A genuine "Pillar" of the cong.

    I could go on and on , sadly these ones are in the past now and these memories are from a long time ago . I think, as someone said above , too many elders are now from men raised in the org and have an institutional rulebook mindset , rather than experience of life.

    Oh well, nostlagia does not change the present, does it?

  • Rosco

    Humbleness is not a substitute for righteousness. Are not the religons of the WORLD who reject the Son of God kind to there own?
    Man’s righteousness to God is like a filthy tampon! Facts are facts! JW'S ARE MISLED, LOST SHEEP, TRICKED AND DECIEVED. Bound to hell! I AM ANGRY WITH THIS ORGANAZATION FOR STEALING MY BROTHER 20 YEARS AGO! I gave my life to Christ 2 years ago and am praying that God will open his eyes, to see the hypocrisy of this organization.
    You love your Grandma? Muslims love their grandma too but does not change the fact where they are going to spend eternity.

  • SixofNine

    OOooooh! Rosco P. Coltrain!


  • jerome


    A POSITIVE story about the jws?

    The Bible is a two edged sword wield it for evil and it you may get hurt.

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