Advice on parking lot accident

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  • Elsewhere

    Before going to court, try going to an arbitrator. They can enforce a decision like a court, cost less, are faster, and (I believe - correct me if I'm wrong) don't result in criminal or civil records.

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  • one

    ...door "did not extend into the other spot.."

    That is your main argument.
    Always carry a camero, i do since...
    Just 1 hour ago a big truck was blowing dirt on the expressway it cracked my windshield, guess what i will do.

    If you want to get max $$ sue everyone for damages including of course damages to your car

    If car C hits car B and car B hit car A car A can sue car B OR all of them, which is what a lawyer would do just to play safe. The thing you are sure about is that you were hit by car B period

    If you sue only car B, then car B should sue car C, that is a issue between them. Even if you sue all of them car B can sue car C in the same court case, they are co-defendants.

    not long ago my car was vandalized at a hotel operated by Windham hotels. they did not move a finger for about 2 month, even after i exchange several letters with management at headqueter. Meanwhile my car was at their facilities. I just sued them for about a million yesterday, it is all fun and easy. I use no lawyers. Lets see how much i get.

    Just a week ago i took another case to the appellate court, they tried to fool me at the lower court level, now they know what they are against to...

    I saw dropped jaws at the lower cort level yesterday during a hearing. i had to fight against two lawyers and the judge, they could say nothing but bs, one of them even kind of letterally "tipped his hat" toward me as we depart from the court room.

    This board is child game compare to real fight in court, just learn the rules and nobody will touch you in the future, not even lawyers. Lawyers suck.

    Many on this board can do the job, i know that, it just learning the rules and the vocabulary. Show them you can joint the elite, in fact it is your constitutional right... it can not be denied except in very particular cases (if your are nuts and they can prove it)

  • bboyneko

    I represented myself when I sued my former employer and kicked ass. I'm still collecting moolah from those bastards.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hey Dan,

    I'm glad to hear you got some satisfaction out of your former employer. Are you allowed to talk about what happened? Did you already post a message about this. Wnquiring minds want to know...

  • Bendrr

    Sounds like it would have been a pretty simple situation except for one thing. Insurance companies had to get involved.
    Let me tell you about car insurance companies. They will say the most outrageous things imaginable to avoid paying a claim. A drunk driver can swerve into your lane and hit you head on with witnesses all around and a claims adjuster will tell you with a straight face that YOU are at fault.
    I know. It happened to me back in 92. I was doing 50 mph, he was making a left turn at 35. Last thing I remember was his truck swerving towards me. The deputy knew him unfortunately, and tried to cover for him. No breathalyzer in spite of the half-empty bottle of whiskey behind the seat of his truck and the beer cans scattered across the road. The guy admitted having no insurance but the deputy didn't do a damn thing except turn around and write me a ticket for "too fast for conditions" which was immediately thrown out of court before I even saw the judge.
    The claims adjuster took the "too fast for conditions" and ran with it. She actually said that if I had been going slower the other driver could have made the turn without hitting me.
    It almost cost me a job, being without a vehicle for so long. In the end it took calling to tell the adjuster that I had a lawyer and would see her in court. I got a settlement that day.
    Bottom line is get a lawyer.


  • Infrared

    I had this senario happen to me a couple of months ago. I was in the parked car, and a lady ran into my door. Her insurance company paid for the damage, no problem. It is definately the moving cars fault.

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