Interesting Pew Stats on JWs--Alarming Trends for the Borg

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    Hey, why not go to another "faith?" You can call yourself a born again XIAN, and NEVER go to church, land a hot wife and just help your neighbors. Sounds like a pretty good life.

    Be on the watch for this month's WT issue dealing with.....SINGLE SISTERS!!! LOL!!! I wonder what save advice they will receive from the the sacred GB?? Will they mention sex with demons???


  • Cadellin

    Syme, I agree--in no way was I inferring that it is somehow "bad" or embarrassing or otherwise detrimental to be non-white, lower income, female or older. In fact, I'm two of those four things! My point in highlighting these trends is that, if they continue, they could portend significant problems for the WT. I think it's easy to see why/how, especially given the startlingly blatant plea for money in the June JW TV broadcast. Moreover, an aging population means that at some point, the organization will likely start shrinking, if it hasn't already. It makes it less attractive to young people who visit a KH for the first time. A largely female population means increasing strain on the few capable "appointable" brothers still around--witness the spate of WT articles in recent years imploring young brothers to reach out. The number of unmarried sisters goes up, the number of kids being born-in goes down, further fueling the decline.

    There's probably other implications, too, all of which, I hope, will run counter to the more mainstream and kid-friendly public face that the Borg is adopting via their website and "lite" magazines.

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