Yet Another Pro-JW website good for laughs.

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  • Dawn
  • invisible

    Celtic just snortled with derision and left his mark upon the board.

    Cheers for the link.


  • Dawn

    Ok - I just checked their site again - your posts are hillarious!!!

    But really - instead of stirring the pot, maybe we should just respond to anyone there who is sincerely asking a question, and leave the rest of them alone.

    <<<ducking>>> <<running>>> <<<hiding>>>>
    <<<<waiting for throwing food>>>>

    You know me - always have to speak my mind regardless of the consequences.......hey.......I wonder if that's why I'm here now instead of there???

  • butalbee


  • DIM

    thanks for that link...good fun!

  • Stephanus

    I can see the corruptive apostate influence creeping into that board already; well done folks! LOL

  • DevonMcBride

    OK! Did you see this post?

    Beware of the many sex addicts in the world wanting and trying to corrupt you into the bowels of human pleasure, the temptation will be fierce but you must abstain from the tortureous guilt of physical lust for the kindgom of God is at hand and the new system of things is near. For strength, read your bible, study much and stay away from the wicked lascivious women in the world.........

  • peaceloveharmony

    i'm with butalbee, hehe!

    apostates are evil

  • butalbee
  • Stephanus

    LOL Will you guys get a life!!? The whole point to infiltrating a board like that one is to be subtle - dragging up "the generation" and 1975 and the men of Sodom in one day is going to alert the board Gestapo big time!

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