How petty is JW's God............

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  • ConnieLynn

    LyinEyes -
    This might be an unpopular opinion in this thread, but I believe in God now more than I did before. As I witness, "Jehovah" seemed so far away and unapproachable and cruel sometimes. When I left the witnesses, I thought God was either dead or didn't exist. But as I have become untangled from that whole mess, I have meant wonderful, kind people - people I was taught didn't even exist. Knowing these people, and having the freedom to pursue my own intersts without guilt, makes me believe there is a God. I'm not sure exactly what he is like. But I don't think he is anything like the God we learned about as JW's. I do think the real God wants us to enjoy life and eat it up. This is just my opinion, but I think all of the religous organizations out there and they are man made, and most foster a distorted view of God. Yeah we have free will, and at the hands of men, a lot of our world sucks. But there are a lot of good things too. I think your faith will fluctuate with time and at some point you will pursue some sort of relationship with God, but it doesn't have to be like the relationship we were taught.

  • detective

    it's okay to have a sense of humor and an appreciation for the larger point you were making. I understand your point, I assure you it wasn't missed.

  • LyinEyes

    I want to beleive in God , more than anything I could ever wish ,for
    I want to have deep faith in Him. My point is , it is hard to try and understand . I am sure we have no idea of the way God thinks. I feel that the Bible does not tell us enought about what He really wants for us. Or maybe it is as simple as Jesus says it is, beleive in Me and you will have everlasting life. I dont know. But i envy those who are so sure of all. I hope one day I will find the peace of mind to accept it all.

    The story of the young morman boy, broke my heart into. That is what kills me, who had more faith than that boy, and for some reason God couldnt give him peace. But JW will say that if you dont get peace from God ,it is your fault . YOu are not good enough, you are not trying hard enough. I just dont beleive that.

  • ConnieLynn

    I understand what you are saying. I agree, I think we can't understand completely. The bible doesn't tell us exactly everything that he thinks and feels. But peace of mind might come from just accepting that we can't know. What is so sad about that Mormon boy is that what he was doing was praying to his Mormon perception of what God is and what God wanted for him. I wish I had the answers. But I do know this...What the JW's teach about being good enough or trying hard enough, is bullshit. (pardon my language) That is poison.

  • SYN

    Connie: Probably the God you perceive isn't the same one that appears regularly in the Old Testament!

    Every religion is the One True Religion.

  • ConnieLynn

    I don't think it is....

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