JW opposer conversation stoppers

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  • Leander

    For some reason on my way to the meeting last night I was thinking what if there was a Reasoning book for talking with JWs. In particular a section with rebuttals for common JW thinking. For example:

    Where else are you going to go?

    Jesus disciple's made false predictions too.

    Jehovah has always used an organization.

    The light keeps getting brighter.

    Who else is doing the work that we are?

    It seems like those are some the typical responses you hear when trying to talk with a JW about erroneous teachings from the WTBS. And while we're on the subject how would you respond to those type of statements. I'm going to attempt to talk to my wife again and I want to be well prepared when she comes at me with those type of responses.

  • badboy

    Who else comes out with nonsense about sheep always being tamed?

  • NameWithheld

    Where else to go?

    First off, the question was not "WHERE" but to "WHOM" - speaking of Jesus of course, and the fact that he had sayings of truth. Well since the WTBTS has little 'truth' then "ANYWHERE BUT HERE" is the correct answer Or that "WHOM" is who you are concerned with, not "WHERE" (If you still buy the bible thing, if not, well, that's a tougher sell to a JW - baby steps you know!)

    Jesus disciple's made false predictions too.

    No they didn't. They never TAUGHT things like dates. They may have thought that Jesus was talking about kingdom on earth, but the bible doesn't say they kicked out ones who thought otherwise. In fact wasn't "Doubting Thomas" in a gathering of Jesus desciples - they were not shuning him even thought he was saying Jesus was never raised!

    Jehovah has always used an organization.

    Blatenly false. Where was the 'org' from Jesus to 187x? Where was the 'org' before Jesus? If they say Nation of Isreal - blat! Wrong! That was a NATION, not an ORG. If that's a precedent, then Jehovah would have a NATION now, not an ORG.

    The light keeps getting brighter.

    Whatever - blink on, blink off, that's not 'brighter' to me.

    Who else is doing the work that we are?

    Hmmm, Mormans, Catholics, Baptist, Methodist, Scientologists, need I continue? Of course, most don't knock on doors as they realize what a futle waste of time that is - IOW they're not stupid If the JW 'preaching work' is the mark of the true religion, then god is backing a piss-poor org. The 'preaching work' is losing ground in an increasing pace, and has never come even CLOSE to acomplishing it's 'goal'. Start asking non-JWs if what they know about JWs. 90% don't even know they exist, or if they do they call them "Jehovers" - that's the extent of their knowledge about "god's true org". If god is judgeing people based on their reaction to the JW preaching - he's a piss-poor god doing a piss-poor job.

  • simwitness

    One more "stopper" that I am aware of:

    "No one else teaches the Kingdom"

  • roybatty

    Name, excellent point about them not shunning Thomas. Never looked at it from that point of view before. Thanks!

  • Leander

    Namewithheld, thanks for those answers man. I'll definitely make use of those, in particular the one about where to go. That always seems to be the first question they ask.

  • Englishman

    "I can't seem to find that Scripture in the Bible that mentions disfellowshipping."

    Or Earthly organisation.

    "Just tell me how you make the connection between the parable of the FDS and the 144,000, I can't seem to find anything in the Bible that links one to the other". (Even Yadirf backs off that one)



  • Farkel

    : The light keeps getting brighter.

    I suggest you read the entire surrounding context of this Proverbs verse. The society has yanked it out of context and claimed it applies to their contstant fuck-ups in prediction, doctrine and policy. The surrounding context clearly shows that it applies to people (in general) on their paths to righteousness. It has nothing to do with doctrinal fuck-ups.

    Also, consider this: the Bible tells us that NONE of Jehovah's prophets made any error in prediction/prophecy. It further states that if someone claims to speak for Jehovah and the thing they say doesn't come true, they are false prophets. Since this is what the Bible says, then there would be NO NEED for a verse that would explain why prophetic fuck-ups happen from any of Jehovah's spokesmen, would there?


  • Dawn
    "Just tell me how you make the connection between the parable of the FDS and the 144,000

    Exactly!! If you read the parable of the Faithful and Discrete Slave (in context!!) it is clearly Jesus talking about an individual - it applies to all of us. Nowhere in this entire book does it refer to a "Slave Class".

  • ThatSucks
    Where else are you going to go?

    How about HOME to clean my house up, make love to my spouse, and get a life in general while I can still live one.

    Jesus disciple's made false predictions too.
    Really? Wow! So you must be just as wrong as they were.

    Jehovah has always used an organization.
    Cool! Please show me noah's timeslip. I want to see how many hours of service he got in per week.

    The light keeps getting brighter.
    Yes it does. Then it goes down at the end of the day (for people in these parts).

    Who else is doing the work that we are?
    Nobody that I can see. Of course, who else is doing the work that the mormon's are doing? Nobody but them right? By the way, maybe YOU could tell just who is buried in Grant's tomb. I would really like to know.

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