ex wives club.

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Club em HARD!

    But seriously,I was such a terrible husband that my first wife ran away and joined a catholic order to get away from me.
    When I tracked her down it was to a monastery in France.
    Shes a full fledged Catholic nun now, and wears a penguin suit.

    Can anyone top that one?

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Is her name Julia Andrews??

    I thought you had to be ahem...ummm...errr...a virgin to become a Nun. Just wondering what you ummm...errrr...did on your honeymoon darls LOL.


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Beck. Thanks very much for walking into the trap.
    Because now, youve asked the question see, so I have to tell EVERYONE What happened.

    My first wife used to work in a shop.A guy used to go in there all the time, buying biro, paper, rubberbands. This guy was called Bernard D Abrera. He is one of the worlds leading authorities on Butterflies.If not the top man in the field.
    Anyway,my wife fancied herself a cultured girl, well read, and so was I.
    We became friendly with this guy and became regulasrs at his home. Playing the piano, sipping wine, recitals. All terribly cultured.
    Anyway, the guy and his family were RABID Catholics.Not mainstream, some church splinter.
    Being an ex dub, I talked God with him and we started getting interested in his church.A Very charismatic guy this D Abrera.
    Anyway, before I woke up, it was too late. The guy had taken over my wifes head (and possibly other bodily parts too)and convinced her she should dedicate her life to Gods service. The evil little bastard, when I confronted him, had the audacity to tell me that because we didnt undergo a Catholic marriage, In the "Eyes of God" our marriage was null.
    It never happened.
    More in a min...

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Nooo please! I don't want an improper mental picture of Julie Andrews


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    BECK!! Come baacckkk!
    Im not finished yet!
    This is only the START of the story!!

  • rmayer32
    When I tracked her down it was to a monastery in France.
    Shes a full fledged Catholic nun now, and wears a penguin suit.

    And I thought my ex wife was sort of strange. You win that one hands down..LOL


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire
    Bernard d'Abrera

    ............The Australian entomologist and Natural History photographer (born 1940), is arguably the best-known 'Butterfly Man' in the world.

    ............Like John Gould, he is regarded by many as the most prolific publisher and original author in the world, of works devoted to his particular field of Natural History. But where John Gould employed the services of many artists and colourists, Bernard d'Abrera is responsible for almost 100% of the illustrations as well as the text in his volumes on butterflies and moths.

    ...........A graduate of the University of New South Wales, he first began his series on the butterflies of the world in 1970, with Butterflies of the Australian Region, now in its 3rd Edition. Since that time he has completed The Butterflies of the World in 18 volumes, and has now commenced the revision of his classic 1983 work on the Butterflies of the Afrotropical Region.

    Yakkata kakkata....

    bloody guys got his own website.

  • Beck_Melbourne


    and then what happened??

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    So off she goes....
    Jump 5 years. I aint HEARD from her in this time, other than a couple of sorry letters full of platitudes about "your sister in Christ" etc etc.The church stopped her writing to me.
    "Sever all worldly attachments" was the term used.
    Anyway, 5 years later, after shes completed her noviciate, (training)
    the church got cold feet. They decided she couldnt become a nun, unless I gave her written approval!
    Believe that?
    I corresponded with them.

    Me:"Were we married"?
    Them:"Not in the eyes of God"
    Me:" why does she need my approval then"?
    Them:" it is a formality for caesar"
    Me:"so you want ME to say that I recognize and agree that we were never married, even though I think we were"?
    Them: "Youve got it"!

    What the hell, I signed.
    Naturally, soon as I signed, all communication stopped again. Its okay to talk to the "world' when you want something.
    Damn cults are all the same...

  • SexKitten

    Ahh... are you sure that it was a monastery. LOL, and not a convent. I'd be worried, was she a woman and not a man dressed in robes. You never know these days their a bit strange the pope and all his hench men.
    By the way did this happen while you were still a JW?
    Thankyou for confiding and trusting us with this very delicate matter.
    By the way did you read the pope's apology to people such as yourself!

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