Are teenagers old enought to get baptised?

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  • MarchOn

    OH DAMN I DID IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matty

    I spelt it wrong too. American English is Baptize and European English is Baptise. Us Brits have something against the letter z for some reason.

  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    There was a fascinating show on PBS recently about neurological development in teenagers. NMRs have shown a lot of new information regarding the actual physical changes and functional changes that occur during the ages of about 13-17. It had a lot to do with mental co-ordinantion and emotional balance, not IQ. I'm sorry, I only saw a bit, and wish I could remember more of it.
    Anyway, I came away from the show with the thought that what we have always called "maturity", really is maturity in a neurological sense, not just an increase in life experiences or a balancing of hormones. It would seem extremely unfair to hold a teenager to a promise made while their brain was in such a state of change.

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