My experience with icelandic JWs

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  • geysir

    Hi there. After being reading this board i just wanted to express myself a little. Please Excuse my English if it goes really bad ;)

    I just wanted to share my experience with the JW.

    I live in Iceland. My mom first learns about the "truth" in Denmark. She first learnt about the bible from Adventist. There she got interest in the bible. She liked many answers the JW gave her about meaning of live and the Bible. But it was not until she returned to Iceland that she got really interest in the "truth". A hard-working JW began bible-studies with her. She really liked the WT-answer to many bible-prophetic. And years later she baptized in the "truth".

    I went sometime with her on the meetings. I was very open to those things. But my motive was to please my mom. It was not until I was about 16 year that I began bible-studies with JW. In that studies i was indoctrinated with the "truth". I agreed with all their sayings, and I almost never heart any inconsistent with the "Truth". And unfortunately there exists no Internet at this time.

    Time went and at 18 years old the elders began pushing me think about to baptize. Additional bible-studies began. I felt there was always something about the "truth" that wasn't right. It was not until began academic studies (22 year old) that i began to investigate my beliefs. The "truth" has a nice grip on me and I had always guilt about my academic studies.

    And it was just few months ago that my beliefs suddenly collapsed. My savoir was the Internet. And it was hard at time when i became convinced that the "truth" was not really true. I haven't attended meetings for several months but I'm not sure what my next steps should be. At time I got several nightmares about "Armageddon" which has stopped now. I have greatly got ridden of most of WATCHTOWER "truth". And I feel very free now.

    That's all.

  • geysir

    I just wanted to add, that one of the elders and a member visited me last Saturday. I didn't have a clue what to say to them say I pretended not be at home. Do you have any ideas what to say to them?

  • dmouse

    Hello geysir, welcome to the board!

    Your English is quite good, much better than my Icelandic anyway!

    Thankyou for sharing your story with us.

    Many people all over the world have had similar experiences to yours.
    Like you say, if you keep going to the meetings and never hear anything else that contradicts it you are bound to believe it's the 'truth'. I guess if everyone around you kept telling you the secret of eternal life was in understanding a secret code in the phone book you would eventually end up wondering if it was really true!

    I too had nightmares about armageddon in the early days, scary huh?
    The scary part was realising how deep they had gotten into my subconscious!

  • outnfree

    Hello, geysir!
    Welcome to the Board!

    You don't say if you WERE baptized at around 18 years old or not? It will have a bearing on what sort of advice you get on what to say to the elders/publishers next time they call.


    It's what you learn after you know it all that counts -- John Wooden

  • geysir

    I have been unbaptized publisher for about 5-6 years.

  • Prisca

    My advice is to READ, READ, and READ some more. You need to learn many things about the "Truth" that will help you to realise what it is all about.

    Also, read the Bible on its own, if you still believe in God. Read it as if it was God speaking to you, not to some remnant of the 144,000 which is what the WTS teaches.

    As for what to do when witnesses come to your door - at this stage I would suggest to not answer the door until you have a clear head about everything. You don't have to answer it, nor answer any of their questions. The elders have no power over you, only if you give them that power. But you don't answer to them, do you? So why feel compelled to speak to them.

    Welcome to the board. I hope you find the answers you are looking for.

  • geysir

    Things I have done (so far):

    (1) I have read many websites on the net, including all about the UN scandal.
    (2) I have also read the book "In Search of Christian Freedom" which was available at my school-library.
    (3) I also read Iceland papers about former Icelandic's JWs.

    Thins what I believe at the moment:

    (1) I don't believe about Torture Stake.
    (2) I don't believe WATCHTOWER trinity conspiracy.
    (3) I don't believe that the "Truth" is really true.
    (4) I don't believe in GOD, I have become very skeptics.
    + many more things...

    Maybe in future I will find my own beliefs but until I will be very careful.

  • Seeker4


    Welcome! Yes, I think the Internet was my savior as well. Keep studying it and the other sources you've turned to. I am totally pleased that Ray's book was in your school's library in Iceland. Wow.

    First - thank god you didn't get baptized!! Right now you can just stop going out in service and in six months you will simply be an inactive person. They can't disfellowship you, and the Witnesses should just simply leave you alone. Avoid them if you want, and that may be the best course for a while.

    You'll also find the Net helpful as you continue your search. After 35 years as a very active JW, I also have left the wishful thinking of irrational supernaturalism behind. The Internet has been great in finding a ton of rational, critically thinking people who have given me an understanding of the Bible and other mythologies, and what I can do to replace those mythic beliefs. You sound like you have a good mind, and I'm confident you will do well. Good luck!


  • geysir

    I want to make big thanks for good replies, it show's me that I'm not alone ;)

  • NewLight2

    Welcome to the board!

    Just remember - you OWE the elders NO information. If they come calling, just pretend you are not home. If they find you outside, just say you have been very busy and that you don't have time to talk right now. Then just walk away. Silence is your best defence.


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