Watchtower Society Scandal Involving Menlo Park Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Chaserious

    As is mine, Londo. The gist of the lawsuit is that a large and diverse group of people are all involved in a massive conspiracy against this one guy, Cobb. This group of conspirators includes numerous JWs, the WTS, members of his family including his ex-wife, police officers, judges, court clerks and deputies, attorneys at large law firms, private investigators, managers at the Cisco corporation, investment banks and others who I am surely forgetting.

  • Londo111

    You forgot "...under the supervision of the reverse vampires..."

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    OMG they go about it all the wrong way. These "disfellowshipped elders" in court documents claim that there is an 'RICO enterprise' within the WTBTS operating separately from the Governing Body and separately from the other corporations that intercepts their messages to the people that aren't "in" on their scheme (seriously, that's one of their claims).

    They claim the WTBTS incl. the GB is clean as a whistle and there is a small 'rogue' group that makes profits on this particular RBC scheme in their area where the congregation has to loan against inflated quotes for renovations and that the Governing Body is somehow unaware of these things.

    WAKE UP! THIS IS HOW THE ENTIRE WTBTS OPERATES! THIS IS HOW IT OPERATES INTERNATIONALLY. There is no morally clean person inside the WTBTS, this is how they make money.

    They are still brainwashed even after they've been DF'ed and ostracized, lost their congregation, saw the corporations bully everyone. Stupid idiots. Get a lawyer on this.

  • steve2

    Sometimes, apostates are a source of total embarrassment to more sober-minded and rational ex-JWs. It is as if these aposates give to the organization a confessional welcome card that states:

    "We are completely and utterly the type of people you have always accused us of being."

  • jwleaks

    If anyone has additional documents (excluding the Cisco case) that can be added to the set then can you post a link or contact JW Leaks:

  • Chaserious

    JWleaks: Here are links to download the 1) original complaint and all exhibits in the Cobb v. JPMorgan matter, as well as 2) Motion to dismiss by Defendants Brede, et al., and 3) motion to dismiss by Defendant Freel. There are over 160 documents on the docket, inclulding a number of other motions to dismiss, given the large number of defendants that Cobb chose to include in this matter.




  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    " the end of developing a network of persons operating as agents of influence, assets or
    useful idiots within varying religious, governmental, legal, financial and secular capacities."


    "Never assume maliciousness when incompetence will do."

  • joe134cd

    A perfect example of a David and Goliath like struggle, where Goliath won.

  • jwleaks

    UPDATED with the originating Civil Complaint CV 13-01955 (266 pages) including Exhibits 1 through 29 and several missing documents.

    Thanks Chaserious.

  • Chaserious

    JWleaks - no problem. You have a PM.

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