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  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    Stuck in the middle37

    Glenn Colombo moved from Santa Cruz to Redding mid 1980's, sold a automotive vinyl stripping busness to finance "Dale and Colombo Financial Planners Inc". Basicly Glenn was a chump who got taken in by a truly devious decitful shyster. Although Glenn was right in there when the dastardly deeds were done. Glenn was prideful on his supposed ability to bull shit his way through life. He was a terror to the to the flock in position of elder. He lost his money invested in Ray Dale and I am sure he had to sign legal documents stating he had no issues with Ray Dale before Ray would let him out of partnership. Went back to Santa Cruz. I saw on TV that his son was a surfing champion, heard he was disfellowshiped and daughter was also out following the surfing crowd.

    Last thing I heard was when one of my sons was in Mexico he ran into Glenn and Barbara.

    Glenn enjoyed the feel of power as he was the trumpet section for Ray Dale as Dale had all the main positions of influence and power. Ray Dale bought his positions, 'simony', the main seller of positions of power was circuit overseer Billy Ford [who came to his end when his little fat assed son in law of whom Billy Ford convinced the church to make a circuit overseer got caught poking fun at the sisterhood as he made his rounds through the circuit].

    I think I heard Glenn's mother got stung to trying to bail out her baby boy from the clutches of Ray Dale, though not real sure.

  • AFreeBeliever
    hi Bill, noticed you mentioned you were from a family in the Bay Area, the Garig's. I had some family there by that name, they lived in Crow Canyon (Bay Area) for awhile in the 60's, maybe 70's. There was a Ralph, if he is still alive he is probably in his 80's, he had a sister named Eunice, and a mother, Mary, who was supposedly of the Annointed. Just wondering if this is the same family?
  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    A Free Believer

    Eunice is my mother, her name was Eunice Covert. I lived in the Crow Canyon house in 1966. So then who are you? We are family. Bill

  • FayeDunaway
    Lol that is so cool!!
  • OnTheWayOut
    Planning on going to Flippers Apostate Fest and meeting some of you folks

    Awesome. See ya there.

    Thanks for your honest story here.

  • AFreeBeliever
    Ralph was my uncle, he was married to Judy, my mother's sister. They had four children. If this is the same Garig family, I remember your mom Eunice quite well, and their mother, Mary, although I didn't see them very much after my early teen years.
  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert
    AFreeBeliever Was you Dad Punk? The machinist.
  • Onager
    Welcome Bill! I thought your Username was a pseudonym! :)
  • jwleaks

    Greetings Bill Covert. I leak stuff as a hobby >>> JW Leaks

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    jwleaks I noticed. Mayby we can do some business. Read my two posts real carefully see if you can pick up on the fine point of how the new Revised NWT rendition of Lev.5:1 has the ability to show that the JW church policy of informing on your brothers is solely based on a deception found in the Sept 1 1987 Wt article "A Time To Speak When". Barbara Anderson and I have been working on this project ever since the RNWT was released. Problem being that is one busy lady. Yesterday she sent me a draft on the the issue of which she sees the value in regard to the molestation issues. I spent the afternoon working on my input. The point is one of those hard to see points but then when you do see it there is a big picture behind it. We will get something worked up to be posted.

    As I stated in my posts this fine point is what was the subject of those letters refered to in the Human Apostate talk a couple of years ago. It is also the subject of the letters Barbara remembers from when she was in Bethel when she asked me if perchance I was the man in Northern Calif. who wrote the most offensive letters on anyone in the USA, to which I said bingo. Some how the church took offence when I told them that "I was going to shove a swindler Ray Dale up the Governing Bodies ass so far and so hard that they were forever going to have a foul taste in their mouths and and I was going to use Lev.5:1 to do it".

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