answering the door nekkid...

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  • Angst

    I remember several times in the past knocking on doors in the ministry and some bodacious babe would answer the door naked, semi-naked, or extremly suggestively dressed. How many of you guys/gals has this happened to?

    I think I'm going to answer the door naked the next time some witness sisters show up at my front door....LOL I can't wait.

  • orangefatcat

    I lived in Quebec and you know I had enough people answer the door naked and semi-naked.
    Those frenchys are a funny bunch.

  • plmkrzy

    No naked babes answered the doors I knocked on.

    But this reminds me of my neighbor, single lady who lives in the apt below mine.
    They knocked on her door on a Saturday morning and she yelled through the door that she was naked. They said they would wait for her to put some clothes on.
    She got pisssd and yelled "I'm naked and I'm busy sinnin'! so SOMEOTHER TIME!"

    They came back THE NEXT MORNING! knock knock knock.
    She looked through the peep hole and said she couldn't be bothered right now.
    They said that they would like to just leave the latest WT with her and they would go.
    She yelled back through the door "I can't open the door now I'm busy PRAYIN' FROM BEIN' UP ALL NIGHT SINNIN'! SO GO AWAY!.

    Right after they left she couldn't wait to come up and tell me she was laughing all the way to my door.

  • mouthy

    In Montreal I knocked at a door- the guy came naked- he was smirking so I knew he was doing it on purpose- so I just said" Oh I have one of them at home- but would you like one of these." he roared....He took the mags....
    Another time a woman shouted "You Stink" I said "Its a good job I didnt take my shoes off-you would really be right" Never did understand why she slammed the door?

  • singsongboi

    i was never so lucky to get a naked guy come to the door..!!

    but looking back from my present (gay) vantage point, i can see that several have had designs on the integrity of my genital areas.

    when i was pioneering, i thot i had started a study with a young italian man..

    when i went back for the first study, he first of all wanted me to have a drink (well okie, we all knew that italians were hospitable) of fiori alpini, but it was a veri hospitably sized glass --

    then, he said, he had worked veri hard that day, and did i mind having the study on his bed (he was rooming). i agreed, and somehow he kept moving so that he got a bit closer to me..

    then, he was too tired to study from the book, could we just lie there and talk....

    ... and the light was too bright, so turn that off and just have the bedside light....

    now you all wondering what came next????

    well, i told you i was a dumb kid... i still had not woken up..

    i decided i was getting tired too, now up to 3rd glass of fiori alpini, so i preserved my virtue intact, (so that i could sacrifice it to jehovah) -- and went home.

    but! (and do you think that this has any significance?) all the way home - about 2 km - i had the desire to bark like a dog !!!!!!!!


    Me answer the door naked -- ha ha I really do not care to give free show -- the MAGs free aint GOOD ENOUGH !!!! PEACE TO ALL / I HAVE STICKERs up and I usually answer with some really foul language AND on purpose -- everything I do is on purpose!!!! ((((((hugs))))) AND A EXTRA ONE TO MOUTHY ((()))

  • LDH

    Plm, mouthy, Singsong.....Those experiences are funny as all hell!

    Thanks for sharing them.


  • rmayer32

    Damn.. If I had naked babes answering the doors when I was in I may have stayed longer!

  • COMF

    I usually answer with some really foul language AND on purpose


    Ah, love! could you and I with Him conspire
    To grasp this sorry scheme of things entire,
    Would not we shatter it to bits--and then
    Re-mould it nearer to the heart's desire!


    JUST cuz I want to and gives them shit to gossp about @ I know JWs like the palm of my hand--SHIT i know people in general like the palm of my hand !!! peace

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