How do I get the COBE to pay back the money he and his ripped off from my ex-wife, he's the guy who claims he make's Pedophiles Holy by YHWH's power!

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  • DesirousOfChange

    Using back tax methods I can prove the COBE owes at least $40,000 in back taxes to the County and Franchise Tax Board, should I report them?

    Of course. That's the "right" thing to do. When others evade taxes, it costs the rest of us more in taxes.

    As far as getting your wife's money. You were gullible, trusting (read: stupid) and you got f*cked. It won't stand up in court or arbitration, so go cry in your beer and get over it. Lots of folks pay much more to get an education. You just got some education -- the hard way -- and only paid with "sweat" vs cash.


    (Didn't real the whole thing because of its length, but that is a no brainer IMO.)

  • flipper

    PW2, I wouldn't bother calling Bethel. If turning these clowns in would prevent them ripping off more people I would do it.

    I called Bethel a few years back when a coddled-by-elders ex-con pedophile followed my friend in his car. (She was more angry than afraid and drove straight to the house of one of the pedo's elder buddies)

    I told them I was afraid for her safety, that I'd never been a witness and was several states away. I laid out the criminal leanings of some of these elders and that it's well known that pedophiles don't change.

    The jerk at Bethel sounded like a damned robot " It will be looked into." Basically not interested.

    Are you in Washington state? This sounds just like that congregation. I hate to think there's another one as bad, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

    Mrs. Flipper

  • PhilsWager2

    Fury, three Phils and you know their mine because I lose my email password and can't retrieve it because of paranoia someone will hack my computer like they did in the past, twice I get hacked and had my computer data ruin by "Ransom-ware".

    Can I get any emotional satisfaction back by warning the community these JWs are corrupt and their business is too? Has the Watchtower lost their path because they ignored all the evil like Eli's sons, Hophni and Phinneas? Don't they care there are plenty of Elders destroying the congregations because of their sham service to a god that has nothing to do with Jesus Christ or YHWH? Even if you don't believe in God, if you still did, how do you reconcile the book of Isaiah if you practice wickedess or have the nerve to pretend your a follower of Jesus Christ(oh, that's right, the New Testament is for the anointed remnant, not the Great Crowd) after showing your life is testimony Satan is your Father.

    Just humor me on this, how can anyone claim to follow Jesus or God when everything they do is condemned by the Bible and the Watchtower's Magazines. Years ago the Watchtower wrote a scathing denunciation attacking frauds and thieves who steal by running up their credit cards right before they file bankruptcy like this elder did, the Watchtower said they were thieves "and needed to pay the money back". Is their form of worship for show, is the Kingdom Hall their Moose Lodge that does nothing good for the community other than make people marked for doom, feel their not?

    Why do people like the COBE and his wife and Pedophiles actively mocking Jehovah God by stealing from the Government think God is going to over look the? What is the purpose of attending meeting other than lording his position over the other animals? My son made that point, he said "Dad, the only place cobe is made something is in the Kingdom Hall, all other places people pick up how uneducated and ignorant of life he is. Only in the Kingdom Hall does he feel like a Sith lord, he get's off on picking on the weak ones"(that from a 16 year old). Is that the extant of how a evil person claiming to worship God views life, their greatest achievement is claiming their a leader of the most uneducated bible students with the greatest propensity for mental health problems along with the low socioeconomic status? Like the old cigarette Ads, "You've really come a long way baby!", your the rooster of all these mentally sterile hens!

  • yodastar

    Hey Phil, geez I'm sorry for your trouble. I was always told the same rubbish that the Big J would sort them out eventually. Turns out now that is absolutely wrong but I do believe in Karma.

    Give Karma a helping hand and do what you can legally. Report them.

    Like most dubs these guys will have no respect for 'Caesars things' because they are no part of the world you see so they will think they can do what they like. If they were not uber dubs they would still be wankers in life anyways.

    Don't bother with Bethel, they are not good at disciplining themselves so let the law do it and just go for it mate

  • millie210


    Although the specifics are different, you raise a lot of the same questions and issues I had.

    Corrupt elders thriving, a disinterested headquarters, me trying to make sense of it all...

    I nearly drove myself crazy.

    When I began to grasp the fact that this organization has always had a corrupt side and thta nothing was new except my realization of what had always been true, I was able to take a deep breath.

    It feels like stepping out of a windstorm where I was battling to stand upright in to a place of calm.

    I call it stepping out of "the crazy".

    Give yourself permission to do that. Relish the little moments where you find yourself able to set this issue aside for just a bit.

    If you have some practical approach that you think would help you in finding closure, by all means take it! Other than that, it is a mental and emotional process that you are engaged in right now.

    The comforting side is that many here have experienced the outrage and the "crazy" and have found peace now.

    I am just now getting moments of that peace and my fall off the innocence wagon happened 5 years ago now.

    Each letter I have written, each elder and C.O, each body of elders, and elders and C.O's together in the same meeting (I have tried it all - every combination of the above, thinking if somehow the right person would just HEAR, that justice would happen ((this was NOT true)) each of these things were all steps (as it turns out - I didnt know at the time) in my convincing myself that the Org as it currently stands cannot do the right thing.

    It will not, it cannot due to its very own structure of power.

    Realizing that by using whatever means neccesary to arrive at that conclusion will bring you peace. It has me.

  • AlwaysBusy
    I wouldn´t report to Bethel... I learned the hard way, if there is something illegal going on, report it to the authorities.
  • Vidiot

    cofty - "...the Org as it currently stands cannot do the right thing... due to its very own structure of power."


  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Dear Phil.......

    It is hard, it is crazy, it is real.... The same type of thing has happened to many people. Don't get yourself in worse circumstances by doing something rash. It may seem like the best, but if it ends up hurting your family emotionally (it didn't work, you get attacked/ disappointed) or monetarily (you get sued for liable)

    If these people are such deceivers, then they know how to work the system.

    Don't call Bethel, you will get NO help. That is the sad realization you will come to. In fact, you may even become the focus of an "internal investigation." We have seen behind the scenes, read the court cases where WT lawyers say one thing here, another thing there, and have no morals as to "righteousness." You will be hurt even more.

    Spend your time developing your family bonds, life and connections. These are the things that will endure.

  • GrreatTeacher
    Your COBE sounds like a real piece of work. Call the county tax assessor's office and let them deal with him. Don't worry about getting him in trouble with the organization. He's exactly the type of man the org wants now and they will likely defend him. Sad but true.
  • blondie

    #1 stop doing business with jws........

    #2 if there is no legal documentation, the elders will not be the good guys in this matter; they will support the brother and tell you and yours not to make a fuss and damage the congregation's reputation

    #3 otherwise consider this a hard lesson and see point #1

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