I listened. I obeyed. Then I realized...

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  • brandnew

    Its crazy how nicely dressed they go on stage at conventions, telling people about all the blessings ....

    And in my mind im thinkin.."that @$#! Still owes me $$$$ "! ! ! !

  • Vidiot

    This resonates.

    For decades I played fair and followed the rules... and never felt like it did me any good.

    Doing the "right thing" rarely made be feel better. More often than not, it made me feel worse.

    I listened, obeyed... but the list of ways I was blessed is a short one.

  • FayeDunaway
    I gave hundreds of $ to a witness family that was struggling financially, without being asked and without expecting ever to be paid back. They were the first ones to unfriend me on facebook when they heard rumours about me.
  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today - unless my debt-amnesia kicks in.


  • whathehadas

    @FayeDunaway they're probably relieved that they don't have to pay you back unless......you take them to small claims court, since you're no longer their "Brother/Sister".

    I remember always being "encouraged" by the pioneers in my Congo to join them in the work. I would look at their beater car, a minimal job, all the hours spent in field circus, and I would say to myself. ...Hell No! What made it worse was when I did spend time with them as a auxiliary pioneer, I would see how MUCH they would gossip about everyone in the hall. What a bunch of judgemental, pious, egotistical, brown-nosing, back-biting, cheap wad, $##t head Mutha&#*@$#!!!

  • FayeDunaway
    When I gave them the check, she said 'but we won't be able to pay you back' and I said I didn't expect them to. I was happy to help them out. It just hurts that they dropped me so quickly later...but as oubliette would say, let's review...
  • Deltawave
    Most pioneers are kept women who's husbands work every hour so they can still have all the modern material things. Most pack it in as soon as it isn't financially viable for them to continue which always intrigued me as to what happened to the blessings lol

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