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  • Alive!

    I remember feeling uncomfortable about those old hardback books regarding placing them with folk.

    I found them fascinating, personally. LOL. What does that say about me? Oh boy.

    They were kind of spooky - the one I really loved was though was Letter to James. It was the favorite of many witnesses I knew. It was the only WT publication that focused on christian love. I read somewhere it was written by a brother who was later disfellowshipped for apostasy.

    I look back and wonder what on earth householders must have thought of our Revelation Climax book offering.

    Decent ordinary folk, being asked to believe in historic events such as angelic trumpet calls at the release of a new book or new mandate.

  • FayeDunaway
    Alive, I know!! I was actually pretty successful placing the revelation book. People ARE curious about Revelation. But I'm sure they opened it up and were like 'wha? These people are delusional and crazy!' No wonder I could never get them at the door again for return visits....
  • Alive!

    You are right Faye, people do have a strong level of curiosity about Revelation.

    I remember a sister commented that she felt grateful as after much prayer, she was not struggling as much with understanding the Revelation Climax book on the last study round.

    How awful that she felt spiritually weak that she hadn't been able to get her head around the prophetic applications to the early 1900s etc. Sad. Of course, now, the Climax book is just one big embarrassment to

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila
    John Acquila, wow, a book burning! That's ironically chilling.

    That picture is cracking me up, LOL.

  • CloseTheDoor

    If interested, this guidelines document gives some insight into the method in which the local KH orders literature from the Org/Soc. It indicates some guidelines and limitations on what can and can't be ordered. The document is published by the Org.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2
    Esse quam videri 3 hours ago

    So a conscientious JW prepares their presentation for Sunday afternoon field service, organizes their busy life around that important event, travels to the field service arrangement, pairs off with someone who maybe has prepared the same way or maybe is just out to 'get some time in', gets into some car or van stuffed with other JW's and their book bags, gets out of the vehicle, walks up some avenue, traipsing up and down sidewalks and stairs, knocks on numerous doors and gets either, 'not at homes', indifference, or outright hostility from the 'householders'.

    Then, finally someone comes to the door that is willing to listen, actually wants to hear a message and needs some 'guiding direction' in their life and the JW offers them some out-of-date, old light/changed light/ remnant of 144,000/faithful and discreet slave/Cedar Point Ohio Convention/1919/1914/1975 crap.



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