May 2015 JW Broadcast, "The Watchtower Has The Most Multilingual Speakers in the World? True or False?

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  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who
    The most in the world? Hmmm, I don't know. I do know that there has been, as of late, a big push to learn a second language to preach to immigrants in the USA. I know of at least 6 special language groups in my area. I would say that 80% of the young ones in my congregation attend these. To me, it seems to be more of a social occasion for them. I tested some of them awhile back by introducing myself to some of them in Russian, and to my surprise they didn't understand me. This was after they were in the class for going on a year.
  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Hello 😏 RoyallyFlushedPhil:

    If GB Stephen Lett said it is so, it must be true!

    Repeat something enough times and you will believe it too.

    Rip predicts:

    JWs will begin to assert this piece of "factoid" in their preaching work.

  • rebel8

    If his claim is they have the most multilingual speakers, then the proof would require them to collect data on how many individual dubs use more than one language. It isn't just that they can, it's that they use 2 or more language in their lives. This is according to the definition of 'multilingual speaker'.

    Do they collect such data?

    The fact that they've translated bibles and all that other junk is irrelevant to proving this claim, though I'm sure they won't let that stop them.

  • steve2

    Claims without facts are just not good enough!

    Questions that interested parties might want to try obtain by phoning Bethel:

    • How many actual multilingual Jehovah's Witness' speakers are there in the organization?
    • How many actual multilingual speakers are there in other organizations?

    Both questions must be definitively answered, otherwise the claim is not worthy of the air space it occupies.

    In any other context, the speaker, regardless of rank, would be obliged - and expected - to disclose the actual number of multilingual speakers in the organization and also have on hand actual numbers of such speakers in other organizations so that comparisons would be straightforward.

  • Splash
    "Jehovah's Witnesses have the most Multilingual speakers of Any Organization in the World!"

    I suspect their nemesis organisation, the UN has more multilingual speakers.

    Or to put it into Lett speak "It may well be that the UN has the most Multilingual speakers of Any Organization in the World!"

  • steve2
    Claims without substance - that's the story of religious nutters across the centuries.
  • Splash

    I wonder if the JW's have the most thinkingest multilingual speakers of any organisation in the world.

  • Pubsinger
    It's true. The largest single group of JWs can speak English and American 😉
  • steve2

    The Witnesses have the largest number of people in the world who give rote answers during the weekly Watchtower Study. It's a fact. End of story.

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