Falling in Love

by forgetmenot 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • Solace

    Now I cant get that song out of my head!
    Whoa whoa whoa, oooh oooh

    You are a very wise man!
    Love is a choice.
    We choose someone to be with.
    We choose to respect them as a person.
    We choose to ignore their faults.
    We choose to remain faithful.
    We choose to trust them.
    Then we hope they make the same choices.

  • Beck_Melbourne


    There is nothing greater to me than the thrill of chasing or being chased during a great seduction. It makes everything else in life BEARABLE! Those little looks, the occasional touch, a smile - that's what I live for. The chase is far, far more exciting than the kill, honey.
    They are exciting things...except the difference between you and me...is I don't live for that excitement. I have only had 2 men in my life..my ex husband whom I met at 16 and stayed married to for 14 yrs...and my current partner. My current partner would be a wimp in your opinion...I'm sure of it...he certainly is living up to my expectations of what I expect a man to be.

    If that means I need a reality check...I guess I don't belong in the world you live in.


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