talk about a close call

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  • orangefatcat

    This morning I recieved an e-mail from our daughter, she had been up all night with worry. Apparently yesterday she spotted smoke on a neighbours property and thought they were burning garabage in barrels. Our daughter lives on a small farm with 56 acres. Anyway as the smoke seemed to get thicker so she called 911 and the town has a volunteer fire brigade and it took them 15 min. to get there. Well the fire wasn't on the neighbours place but at their place. You see a tree apparently was struck by lightning the night before and the fire started and she said a neighbour saw the tree get struck, but didn't think a fire would ensue. Well my daughter lost 20acres of land to the fire, and it got pretty close to their house, but thank God the fire dept. got the fire out by making a back fire. Sharal had to take their animals to the farm across the road. She says that the firemen said that if there had been leaves on the trees they would have had a raging forest fire. The brigade stayed for hours checking for hotspots, seems as if everything is out now. But it sure was an ordeal for them. It was a good thing she was home or they would have lost their house too. Thank God they are all okay and that is all that matters.

  • LB

    orangefatcat rural living has it's fair share of concerns. I also live on a ranch with our volunteer fire department 8 miles away. No telling how long it would take them to get here. We have good fire insurance and expect that if our house begins to burn, it will burn to the ground.

    Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

  • LDH

    If it means anything to ya, I have family in Buffalo NY. I watched the house burn to the ground even tho the Fire department had a less than 3 minute response time. The house went up so quickly that when the FD got there, they just went to work on saving the neighbor's houses. It sucked. They had no insurance. DUMB.

    I'm glad NO ONE was hurt.


  • bigfloppydog

    WOW Kitty, that's pretty bad thing to happen to Sharal, glad to hear everybody was ok, but sure was a lose non the less. I never got your e-mail till the next day, so I just read it now. I work tomorrow, that is Saturday. As for the shuning against you on several occasions, some people can be so rude, don't take it to personal, maybe one day it will happen to them sweetie. Take care and say hi to Sharal and her family. Luv the doggie.

  • Scully

    glad to hear she's ok OFC!

    Love, Scully

  • Amazing

    Hey Orange: Yes, thank God she is okay. Sorry they lost 20 acres, I assume had some crops started, or something like that? Anyway, it was a close call, and I am glad things did not get worse.

  • Marilyn

    Just another dog turd on the pavement of life? But glad to hear the fire was contained before the house and animals went up!


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