my dream last night....

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  • wonderwoman77

    I had the weirdist yet very good dream last night. I do not want to forget it, so I thought I would record it here. In my dream I was going to a follow up play of the vagina monologues. My mom was going to be there, and I was taking my girlfriend. I do not have a gf right now, but in my dream it was this tall lady, about 3 inches taller than me and she was slim but not too slim, she had blondish brown hair just past her shoulders and amazing eyes. I remember we were walking to the front of the theatre where my mom was and she took my hand and said "is this ok" when she touched my hand I felt electrified. I believe this was my soulmate in the dream. It felt so right, no words could even explain. My mom was not too accepting, but she was not completely nonaccepting. She was also not with the bf. It was a very weird because it felt so real

  • SixofNine

    Please. You can do better than that. Make something up, for godsake.

  • wonderwoman77

    Cannot someone on the board, share a piece of themself without someone making a sarcastic comment... and why the fuck would I want to make something up, so you can get off?

  • SixofNine

    Yikes. Lighten up. Hell, ya gotta admit your first post was pretty light, do you expect heavy answers?

    ...and yes, you did get my joke.

  • LDH


    I believe Vagina Monologues should be required viewing for every woman at the onset of puberty.

    By the way, LisaGay Hamilton (the black attorney on The Practice) is producing a (sanctioned) version of TVM for women of color, and how they relate to their vaginas.

    HMMMM on the soulmate thing maybe it was a premonition. If you truly believe in soulmates there is nothing you can do to change your situation--that person will come into your life.



  • SPAZnik

    ww - i luv hearing about dreams...real or made up...thx 4 sharing.
    i have dreams like that too....
    the kewlest part is that they can come true!

    here's to yours becoming a reality!

    u could reply to Beck_Melbourne's thread "where did u meet the love of your life" with "last my dreams" heehee


  • Carmel

    Don't think I'll share my dreams here! Me thinks it belongs on the "adult" site....


  • Beck_Melbourne

    WW...its amazing how real our dreams seem...sometimes u wake up and u want to go back into that dream again but it just won't happen....damn! Then again...if you were would'nt want to go back into your dream because they are just too weird. Why can't I have kinky nice dreams like carmel


  • Frenchy

    I can relate, not to the 'vagina' thing whatever the hell that is (smile) but to the part about having weird dreams. As a child I was plagued with horrible nighmares almost every night it seemed. I can't remember all my dreams but I know that I dream every night. I still have nightmares but not as frequently as when I was a child.

    What I find particularly strange in my case is that I am often aware that I am dreaming while it's happening. I can even control the dream to varying degrees but sooner or later it will either take a real quick twist and plunge me into another dream. In the case of bad dreams or nighmares I will sometimes realize that it is a dream and can will myself awake.

    Although this next thing has not happened for a long time, for a while it became quite common and caused me great concern. I would be not quite awake and yet aware of myself lying in bed and find that I could not move a muscle, I could not even draw a breath. After a few seconds panic would set in as I realized that I would suffocate if I could not breath. The more I struggled the more futile the effort seemed until at what seemed to be the last moment before losing consciousness I would literally jump up in bed, gasping for air.

    Fortunately this has not happed for some time and I don't have a clue as to what was going on. Oh, BTW, that feeling you got when you touched that other person's hand, that feelig that this person was the one individual in the whole world that could connect with you...I have that dream still!

  • LucidSky

    There is a technique called Lucid Dreaming (no relation) that attempts to take over control of dreams. First step - recognize that you are dreaming; second step - do not wake up, which often happens when you realize you are dreaming; and third - project your own imagination into it. I tried it a few times, but haven't succeeded completely because I seem to enter a semi-concious state where I'm not awake, but lost the vididness of the dream.

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