Sad experiences that keep JWs hopeful

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  • Kay Francis
    Kay Francis


    I received this email from a devout JW.
    > >
    > > My son had one of the best ever experiences today with Informal
    > > Witnessing.Let me tell you in detail. My youngest son (16) has only
    > > recently got serious with the truth. This past fall, it was as if he came
    > > to maturity and realized the seriousness of the truth and privilege to
    > > tell it to others. He has gotten serious about his personal study and now
    > > looks forward to our weekly studies.He told me this past week he has
    > > prayed in earnest that Jehovah use him to help someone.
    > >
    > > Apparently, Jehovah has answered his prayer.This afternoon, my son was
    > > walking in the city park with his teenage friends from the Hall. There
    > > were numerous persons in the park. My son says he saw a man in his 50's or
    > > 60's with his small dog. He was not there in the park to Witness, but for
    > > some reason he felt he must go Witness to this man with the small dog.
    > > Despite being with a small group of teen friends he approached the man and
    > > started up a conversation focused on the Paradise Earth with the hope of
    > > everlasting life promised by Jehovah God. He witnessed to the man for some
    > > time on the positive hope under God's Kingdom.The man responded with
    > > interest and my son told him to wait so he could go to the car and get
    > > some tracts for him to read when he goes home tonight.
    > >
    > > When my son came back with the tracts the man asked him, "Why had he
    > > picked him to Witness to and Testify about Jesus?". "Why did you Witness
    > > to me today, the man asked?"
    > >
    > > My son said he did not know, only that he felt that he should.The man then
    > > went on to say he had been deeply depressed by all the bad things that
    > > were happening in his life. He said that he had come to the decision to
    > > kill himself right then and there in the park. He said his gun was in the
    > > car and he had decided to go sit in the car, shoot his dog and then shoot
    > > himself.He was in awe that this young boy at this very time came over to
    > > him for no reason and gave him a positive hope about the Paradise and a
    > > time when there would be no more pain and suffering. After much discussion
    > > he assured my son that he would not kill himself, but would go home and
    > > read the Bible tracts. My son got his phone number and said he would call
    > > later that evening to check on him.
    > >
    > > Shortly after my son arrived home and told us about the incident, I
    > > telephoned the man myself and the man tearfully confirmed the story. He
    > > told me he went back to the car and dismantled the gun and threw it into
    > > the water, because he said he now knew he did not want to kill himself.
    > > Previously that day when he left home, he had already thought that he
    > > would probably kill himself, so when he left the apartment, not caring
    > > less, he left the front door standing wide open. Upon arriving home, he
    > > had found that his apartment had been robbed, even groceries had been
    > > removed from the refrigerator.He called the police about the robbery.
    > >
    > > In the police investigation he admitted that he had left the door standing
    > > open and even related how he had decided to kill himself in the park. The
    > > police asked him why he did not call the suicide hotline. He told them he
    > > did not have to call the hotline because he met an Angel in the park that
    > > stopped him from killing himself. (my son the angel )During our phone
    > > call we arranged to start a Bible study early next week. He said he had
    > > been reading the Bible tracts my son had given him and was joyful for what
    > > he was learning from his Bible as he looked up the Bible text. I
    > > encouraged him not to be discouraged from further searching into the truth
    > > if others condemn him for talking to Jehovah's Witnesses. He said if
    > > anyone spoke harshly of Jehovah's Witnesses, he would stand up for them
    > > from now on and let them know that Jehovah's Witnesses had saved his
    > > life.Somewhat emotional, the man asked me to please say a prayer before we
    > > hung up the telephone. I said a short prayer and the man said he will be
    > > looking forward to meeting me soon.
    > >
    > > Jehovah does work in wonderful ways, he answered my son's prayer today and
    > > helped an honest hearted man see there is still hope for mankind.
    > >

  • moman

    The Rev. Jim Jones saved lots of druggies & hookers for that famous drink of cool-aid, same thing!

  • neyank

    There are stories simular to this one from many different religions.

    How many are true we don't know.

    Stories like this DO tend to motivate people.

    Don't they?


  • roybatty

    Yeah, no need for medical help I suppose, he's got the troof now. And that's exactly the type of person that I'd want my 16-year old son studying with. Yikes! True or not, this story will "inspire" many JWs.

  • Seeker4

    Sounds like another of those Witness "urban legends" to me. I've heard so many variations of this story, from so many different religions.


  • Xander

    >> even groceries had been removed from the refrigerator

    Two questions, then. many thieves you think steal groceries? I mean, why risk getting caught by bothering to clean out the friggin FRIDGE...there can't be anything of value in there...

    Second, if the guy is planning on killing himself today - to the point he has a gun (something it takes several days to acquire)....why do you suppose he bought groceries?

    Xander F
    (Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America - Ohio order)

    A fanatic is one who, upon losing sight of his goals, redoubles his efforts.
    --George Santayana

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    .....Since fairytales are forbidden for JW youths, fables like these fill in the gaps!

  • LizardSnot

    And now...
    ...that man...
    ...who...*sniff...was a would be suicide victim... now...
    ....a dedicated, baptized...<gasp>..Jehovah's Witness Circuit Overseer...

    P.S. that story inspired me

  • noidea

    Yes, this story has inspired me hurl!

  • RedhorseWoman

    A good portion of this story sounds like an urban legend, but it is true that the "vultures" can spot a potential convert pretty easily.

    After I had become inactive, I went through a really rough spot in my life and was feeling pretty depressed. At lunchtime I went to a nearby outdoor mall and just sat there for awhile.

    Within minutes, a religious vulture (not a JW) picked up on my emotional distress and zoomed in for the kill. The only thing that prevented me from listening to his spiel about salvation was my wariness of anything that sounded like the JW cult.

    People in crisis are, unfortunately, very vulnerable to the "good news". Also unfortunate is the fact that this man will never get help for his problems as long as he is enmeshed in the cult. All that association with the Witnesses will do is to put a "shell" around his depression, but he will not overcome it in any positive will just be redirected so that he will be in the do-more-for-the-truth-and-you-will-be-cured syndrome.

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