I seized an opportunity to help my mother critically think today. This will just blow your mind

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  • joe134cd

    Ok this is how the conversation went.

    Me= Is cousin X (not jw) still going out with that Arab guy.

    Mum=No. He returned home and ended up marrying some one from his home country. Cousin X was telling me that she was quite thank full it ended as it never would of worked because his mother hated her because she wasn't Muslim.

    Me=Oh really! That's a shame because she would make anybody a wonderful wife. You know I think with religions like that it a matter of having the right badge and position, and if you haven't got it then you are considered not suitable or bad. You know it's funny because you could be a really good person, with a kind heart and good morals but if you weren't seen putting in enough hours down at the mosk then you are judged accordingly.

    Mum= Yeah I know it's a real shame. To be honest i really hate religions that are like that.

    Me (with an eye roll)= yeah me to.

    Conversation ends.

    And there you have it folks. If only she really knew.

  • millie210

    Well....keep talking to her and maybe one day! I know its hard to believe it when people cant make the connection isnt it?

    (glad your cousin dodged what sounds like a marriage bullet)

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Mum= Yeah I know it's a real shame. To be honest i really hate religions that are like that.

    You : " I hate that too but then again when I think about it more, they too believe theirs is the only true religion (otherwise why would they be in it?) and I suppose they too feel that all others religions condemned by God and it would be a terrible thing to marry someone from outside the faith since he's going to kill them no matter how good and nice they are. They may even think JW's are ridiculous for insist that their members marry only in the Lord since they are false religion anyway....so what's the difference who they marry?

  • JWdaughter
    LOL. Women in Arab world rarely GO to the mosque, but I get your point. Marrying into another culture is fraught with difficulty for anyone-they both will be better off, probably since mixing that with religious incompatibility is not a great idea unless both parties are very prepared for it and mature. And no offence, being an orphan can really facilitate that!
  • Divergent

    Critically think??? I don't see the "thinking" part...

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