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  • LostGeneration

    I pulled the KM after Laika's comment on them telling the troops "how to fold" the tract. Is it just me or is the disdain for the troops coming through even more lately? From the "how to walk on stairs" letter to the "how to fold tracts" its getting disturbing.

    Here is the whole paragraph, I'll tell ya, these guys are marketing gurus, they should take their talents to Madison Avenue

    How It Is Designed:

    Kingdom News

    No. 38 is designed to be folded lengthwise so that the front shows the intriguing title along with the words “Would you say . . . yes? no? maybe?” When the reader opens the Kingdom News, he will see what the Bible says in answer to the title question and what the Bible’s promise can mean for him. He will also see reasons why he can believe the Bible. The back of the Kingdom News poses an interesting question for him to think about and invites him to learn more.

  • Crazyguy

    Youre so right, the quality of presentations and actual knowledge of the publisher has really gone down over the years, hopefully another nail in the coffin.


    From the "how to walk on stairs" letter to the "how to fold tracts" its getting disturbing.

    In the New System..

    Jehovah`s Witnesses will Wear Helmets..

    So they don`t Hurt Themselves..

    Walking on Stairs or Folding Pamphlets..

    My New WBT$ Helmet..

    Keeps My Brains in My Head!..

    .......................... photo mutley-ani1.gif...OUTLAW

  • Laika

    Thanks LostGeneration,

    Anyone want to guess the question for paragraph 2...



    Yep! 'How is Kingdom News No. 38 designed?'

    Challenging stuff.

    The talk is 15 minutes, features 3 paragraphs including the one LostGeneration wrote out, and the tiny sample presentation provided by Calebs Airplane. I sort of feel sorry for the brothers who have to drag 15 minutes out of that material.

  • wasblind

    LOL @ OUTLAW. That's a Hit a run


  • wasblind

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