how do we know when we interpretate correctly?

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  • evangelist

    I would like your help on this matter of the interpretation of the bible, because many people say we interpretate diffently and we have diffent understanding. How do we know when we interpretate the bible correctly?
    I have a relative for instance says the gay sex life is ok and they interpretated the bible to back up the right to live a gay life.
    How can I prove their interpretation is wrong?
    How can you teach some one to get the right interpretations?
    For another good example is How do I explain about Mark 16:16 and tell someone that baptism is not what saves, and this is not salvation,but they translate the scripture falsely and think they must get baptize to gain salvation, but they don`t understand baptism is a outward symbol.
    Why do they interpretate the bible so incorrectly?
    I hope somebody can help in this matter.

  • Imbue


    This is your profile:

    Biography: I have my own television program in Germany. I am a evangelist and I have the first revival diso in Germany. I am a x -DJ from boston mass
    I see your are still doing your research on an EXJW discussion board...LOL Your a real academic aren't you.

    How can you miss lead people like this? Are you pretending to be a minister for the money? Your a con artist no doubt! God will take care of you too!

    Crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  • Adonai438

    Well....... I don't know abbout what Imbue says about ya....I don't know ya.
    Evangelist on TV doesn't neccessarily mean money is involved. TV is a communication medium every market uses so why not the church or relgion too....That would be discrimination and censorship to say religion shouldn't be allowed on TV. Not all TV evangelsts are con artists or looking for money. Their are tons of evangelsits that don't but you don't hear about them .

    As to the ACTUAL question:
    Interpretation. No one should be so vein as to think they know it all or are infallible. We are humans after all.
    BUT God wrote the Bible for humans to communicate with us so therefore we must be able to understand it! The NT says that scripture is inspired by God and sufficent to teach us everything. It also says that we do not need a teacher to tell us what it says.
    It does only say ONE truth--not many. Mistranslation is 'easy' to disprove/prove. We have numerous copies of the historical manuscripts of every book in the bible dating back to very close to their original writtings and manuscripts leading up in history to the present day and they have not changed at all over all this time. The originals are not hard to find or access anymore and a interlinear or hebrew/greek Bible will show any mistranlation as false. The person may or may not care if they are proven wrong but it is not hard to accomplish. While we as humans are not infallible we do have and infallible perfect standard by which to judge all interpretation. The Bible. If the interpretation is accurate it will be demonstrated throughout the scripture and have no contradictions. Read the Bible for what it says without trying to explain things or prove ideas.

    As to the homosexual issue--I would have to see what scriptures they are trying to use to support themselves but the Bible is very clear on the subject. Just a few off the top of my head.. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire and sulpher for their immense sin which was primarily Homosexuality. The NT says to not have in fellowship anyone that is living in that sin. The Bible describes it as unnatural and puts them in the same catagory as the idolotars and the sorcerers. God loves everyone but does not love the sin we choose to commit and Homosexuality is sin according to the scriptures. I am aware that they claim to have scriptural support but have yet to see from anyone actual scripture. We can't just ignore the parts of the Bible we don't feel like listening to and still claim to be christian and care about God and his word.

    Finally, evangelist, I would like to welcome you to the board. I am curious about your 'story' or 'testimony' etc.... I tend to be long winded and a bit nosey but you'll get used to it <>< Angie

  • Shimmer

    The Bible is a book written by MAN!!!! It is up to each INDIVIDUAL person to take it the way they feel it brings them closer to GOD!!!! My way may be entirely different than your way, but that doesn't make it false...just different.

    Why do people always want other people to think exactly like them??? We are all imperfect so regardless of how you interpret the Bible, it will be imperfect, will it not?


  • simwitness
    It also says that we do not need a teacher to tell us what it says.

    Adonai438, Where might I find this passage?

  • radar

    As one old gentleman once said: the Bible is like an old fiddle you can play any ole tune on it.

    Each religious group will say that their tune harmonizes with truth.

  • dungbeetle

    Adonai438...everything you said regardinmg homosexuality and the Bible is wrong. There are whole threads on this forum with up-to-date info, there are aslo websites with lots of scholarly research done on same-gender retionships and same-gender sexual activity.

    Jesus no speaka da English. Quoting someone what an English Bible says isn't very helpful in determining what the BIBLE has to say about something. Lots of surprises are in store for anyone who cares to do the Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic research. I find it very rewarding (see for example the Isa. 66:6 thread regarding the word 'naos'--very enlightening)and it takes not nearly as much time as someone might think.

    One problem with being in a cult is, the members are told to not believe what they ear and see with their own sensory organs.

    Same-gender relationships are a prime example. I personally know of many long-term, committed monogoous same-gender relationships; when I think about that and then what I AM TOLD the Bible says; and then I think about Jesus' words about 'knowing a tree by the fruit it bears'...and I can go on and on and on like this...I get to thinking--SOMEONE IS WRONG HERE. THIS DOES NOT ADD UP.

    And I was right. Things do 'not add up'.

    My days of believing what I am told are behind me now, I hope forever. I suggest the same for everyone.

    love and hugs.

  • JosephAlward

    Dungbeetle wrote,

    Adonai438...everything you said regardinmg homosexuality and the Bible is wrong.
    I think you're wrong, Dungbeetle. The Bible, which I believe is filled with false teachings of men, and is not the word of any god, contains a number of verses which make it clear that the writer is opposed to homosexual relationships. Paul, for example, taught that effeminate men would not go to heaven:

    Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind (1 Corinthians 6:9)
    I believe the Bible is even more clear on the issue of women in church, and the headship of men over women: no teaching in the Bible is clearer, I believe, than the one which holds that the woman is never to be the one who guides men, or teaches them. This is not to say that I believe this is the way it should be--I don't, but this is what the Bible teaches. This is one more reason to believe that the Bible is not the word of a god.

    Joseph F. Alward
    "Skeptical Views of Christianity and the Bible"

  • Imbue

    I'm saying he not a real minister if he comes into chat to ask about these types of questions. Thats real research a chat room. How do you cite a chat room as your source? He already said he is researching for his preaching not for himself. He said this is chat. I feel sorry for those that are listening to him.

    Crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  • dungbeetle

    JA...this is the problem you have with everyone here on this board.

    JESU NO SPEAKA DA ENGLIS...I do not consider the Bible in English any kind of authority. Why do you throw an English Bible at ME when you do not accept as an authority YOURSELF?

    There is no point is discussing all of this here becasue there are a number of threads dealing with this issue.

    longterm, committed monogamous same-gender relationships are not mentioned in the Bible anywhere. Period.

    And I wasn't referring in my post to what the Bible says in particular...I was referring to what Adonai438 said and was recommending going back to the original languages.

    It isn't as hard as people think, and it's actually a lot of fun. I really enjoy interlinears, it's hilarious to read them.

    One more time, I don't consider a Bible in English as an authority. It is of elementary interest to me at best, and downright misleading at worst.

    Now, can anyone find a Greek Septuagent anywhere online by any chance?

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