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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Had a brief chat with an elder from a distant congregation today: long story short - he has spoken to "someone" at London Branch regarding the 'famine' of Bibles within the Org, and was told by this "someone" to just wait until nearer the end of this year.

    He said it sounds like we're going to get an announcement via the Annual Meeting!!

    I said that it was strange that two world wars, the Spanish 'flu, the Wall Street crash & the Great Depression couldn't stop the Society producing Bibles, so something major must be causing it now.

    Does anyone have any more info on the New York court action against the WTBTS and the NWT Writing Committee?

  • Splash

    I would like to get excited about a more accurate NWT but I feel I'm only going to end up disappointed.

    I'll be at the announcement in October and will post the relevant news as it comes.



    They are going to remove all mention of " Jesus Christ " when it precedes of follows " Lord." That way the NWT can more accurately translate KYRIOS as JEHOVAH.

    I am sure that we will know before most, unless the WTBTS has really cracked down on security. They may only announce things at the last minute from now on.

  • oppostate

    Why is it that when there's New Light(tm) in the JW religion that it seems to be "let out" at a yearly Business Meeting of a Publishing and Real Estate Holdings Corporation???

    Because the latter runs the former and the religion is nothing without the corporation. Yup it's a cult!

    From what I've seen of the first batch of these new Bibles is that they are a bit fatter than the current regular NWT Bibles because they include the appendixes that were included in the NWT Reference Bible edition. Same badly worded translation, new packaging!

  • problemaddict

    The annual meeting don't forget is now "for everybody" accoding to some people I know. It will be broadcast to assembly halls which will contain invited congregations and people.

    More exclusive club member with your frequent service miles. Act now to secure your spot!

  • LostGeneration

    My favorite JW rumor, thanks for the update!

  • haboob48

    So are new converts supposed to used old recycled bibles? Isn't it part of thier charity status to give free home bible studies? No bibles...No status!

  • haboob48

    sorry double post

  • factfinder

    Hi Splash!

    Yes, please fill us in when you find anything out. Thanks!

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Some of the older dubs have many handwritten notes in their Bibles and won't want to start again. I cannot see it being changed too much as I am sure it's these "amendments" wake some people up.

    The updates in the Revelation book were the start of my doubts on doctrine. Perhaps the large reference bible which must be quite expensive to produce will be discontinued completely and if the smaller bibles contain more appendixes they will no longer be necessary.

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