Was Eve really Adam's first woman?

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  • RunningMan

    Well, this is all very interesting, but no one seems to be answering the key question - who would you rather marry, Betty Crocker or Madonna?

    The answer is clearly Betty Crocker. After all, how many time per day do you eat? Now, how many times per day do you have sex, especially after 950 years of marraige?

    Besides, Betty Crocker is kind of hot.

  • Valis

    So, Adam and Eve are a matter of historical fact?

    Runningman, can I have them both at the same time?

  • spender

    We don't know that for sure, however all of Genesis was written by the same person, and the stuff later on in Genesis can be proven by lineage and its references in the rest of the bible. These mythological stories however are just that, stories. BTW I'm not going to get into a debate on whether the Bible is really the word of God or not. Everyone has their own opinions of things...you have yours and I have mine.

  • Valis
    I'm not sure if I'd trust mythology as a basis for my beliefs though.

    So the biblical accounts of the flood are stories, but not mythology? The tale of immaculate conception is a story, but not a myth? The resurrection is a story, but not a myth? I guess stories are as good as anything else, but it seems to me you stepped in it. You mention earlier that lineage and other historical facts can be found in the Bible. If you take away all the stories then you're left w/an ancient almanac. Lots to base faith on eh? Regardsless if the bible was written by dog or not, I think I would be more comfortable treating the encyclopedia as gospel.


    District Overbeer

  • crownboy

    Nice post Simmer. It's a rather interesting theory, for sure.

    I'm with Runningman on picking Betty Crocker (though if I could have it my way it would be a combination of both). How do we even know if Madonna's any good in the sack? We know that Betty Crocker can cook, and she probably isn't bad at other things, either .

    BTW spender, your opinion on the authorship of Genesis is held by very few bible scholars, even those who hold to its divinity. I know you said you don't want a debate, and I respect that, so I'll only say you should expand your readings on bible scholarship pass the Mc. Dowell, Stroubel types (both of whom I've read), and give ear to other points of view that may not mesh with yours (if you have, check the info out carefully).

  • RunningMan

    Crownboy makes a good point. No one really knows for sure if Madonna is actually really hot, or if she just has a good publicist.

    Besides, Madonna will get old, and sex with an old lady doesn't sound very interesting. On the other hand, my Grandmother can still cook.

  • SixofNine
    but the names and events can be proven by historical fact.

    'cept for the important ones, like Adam & Eve, David, and Jesus. hmmm, notice a theme there? The people the WT puts the most biblical emphasis on, are the ones that can't even be confirmed as having existed, lol.

    re: Lilith; whence comes Lilith Fair.

  • SixofNine
    We don't know that for sure, however all of Genesis was written by the same person,


  • seven006

    It is all myth. Merchants and traders from both Europe and Asia would meet to exchange goods in Persia. There they would trade stories and myths as well as goods. That is how the stories of the bible are the same ones which talked about Buddha and Krishna in both Hindu and Buddhist religious scrolls hundreds of years before the bible was written.

    If you look at historical fact all this religious billshit was handed down by a bunch of traveling salesmen. We of course know a traveling salesman would never embellish or lie about anything.

    Betty Crocker is dead. Madonna is a bimbo moron who was lucky enough to be born with a little bit of a voice. What's the next question?


  • patio34

    Hi Dave,

    That's a good point about it all being talked about by traveling salesmen!

    Interesting to me is the observation that people didn't consider it myth, but "gospel" truth. They just incorporated it into their nationality.

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