Quote or Misquote?.. Here are the full quotes from the June 1st 2015 Watchtower- How Science Affects Your Life

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  • prologos

    Even the bible is selectively misquoted in the awake. --Page 5 "How the Earth is suspended" quoting Job 26 : 7 "upon nothing*", but ignoring the majority of texts in the book of Job,--: 38:6 earth's socket pedestals, cornerstone, 9:6 "--it's very piIlars--", not to mention the 4 corners.

    Misquoting Gen 1:1, The earth was NOT created in the "beginning" but 10 billion years later.

    Loaded language " The bible ALLOWS scientists to determine--" how gracious of the superior bible to allow that.

    *even that is wrong, the earth "rests" on gravity, but is held up or suspended by energy , not "nothing"

  • scoobydont

    @ NELIM : " I think the first two aren't misquotes? WT article says that some scientists think that if God existed, he would have been found. Which is what the quotes say..."

    Really ?! I would say that the second quote, though not an outright misquote is definitely intended to misinform and mislead the followers of WTS. You and I well know that WTS publish these half truths in the knowledge that faithful J-dubs would never bother to research the quotes !

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